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  • Thank you for your message. X. Oh no ... Please don't tell me what was said lol.. Hope you have a wonderful exciting new year. X
    Hi babes, I'm good, not doing much business wise, to busy with college, but I'm gathering stock and getting a better idea of where I want to be, if that makes sense lol. Of to find your blog and see what's going on in your world xx
    Cait please email at samantha@sweetsquared.com so I can forward your details to GL in the USA x
    Hi Hunni ... you didn't miss me .. I'm in the USA and wont be at the show. Another time time for sure. xx
    Hi Cait

    Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog, and for posting a link to 'Time To Shine' - I loved it! Let's hope now is mine, eh? xx
    Awwh thanks for the rep and the lovely comment.. I think I'm really crap at wording things, so your comment made me laugh :) xxx
    Hi Cait

    I would be willing to pay £35-£40 plus postage, im not worried about seeing photos as long as it is in working order id be happy to take it asap.

    thanks kirstyx
    Hi Cait,
    How did all go wiv ur Baby im guessing u had him/her, iv been following your blog i love them xx
    Feeling your pain on the chippy shellac french! are you finding that your free edges don't seem to have capped even though you're going through the process as normal?
    Did you ever check out my site? What did you think? If there is anything that needs improving let me know. Thanks Dana
    Hi Cait,
    The link is Minx Would be interested to see what you think of it. (You need to click on the word "Minx". The link is embedded.) Dana
    and you cait,
    I really enjoy reading your blogs, you always go into detail and when reading seems to take you on your journey.

    keep blogging, its great!
    haha, hand fondue does sound great!! lol.
    I was talking about a chocolate parrafin wax though!!
    Which would just be a yummy moisturising hand treatment.
    Same its not edible!! lol.

    Glad you like my avatar...it's a bit spotty :D

    I KNOW you will do really well Cait...you have great enthusiasm which leaps out of my laptop...!!!!
    Soon you will be so busy you won't have time for us here....but you must keep us informed how you are getting on...
    Say hello to those Monks for me...they sound so sweet :lol: xxxxxxx
    'nailclass' is available in Spanish and English but sadly not yet in German. I'm so sorry. Happy to have been adopted though! x
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