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    Calling all intimate female waxers!

    How are you getting on with choosing wax brands? I'm introducing waxing soon (doing Kim's female intimate course in October) and can't decide which brand to use. Thinking I'll probably use Kim's own wax but I'm intrigued by Salon Systems Just Wax Expert since Andy Rouillard, another respected...
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    Best hot wax heater and wax?

    Hey Sarah, I haven't had any problems with it, though I've never used any other waxes so have nothing to compare to. I guess lifting skin could be due to the temperature being wrong, not stretching enough when removing the strips, or perhaps just having fragile skin where a barrier would be more...
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    Best hot wax heater and wax?

    I'm interested in this too. I do HD Brows so use their wax at the moment, but I'm planning to expand into body waxing soon and need to decide on a brand. Been looking at Wax One, but the one time I had an upper lip wax with their hot wax, it didn't catch all of the hairs. Not sure if it was a...
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    Brow wax advice

    Did you do your training with HD Brows? If so you should be able to post on their facebook group to get feedback. The shape of the brow looks good, but client has a slight hook brow, so depending on what they've asked for, it'd be good to reduce the size of the bulb while waiting for the lower...