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    Hi all, does anyone know where I can buy disposable sterile plastic receiver tubes please. Only found some from America and shipping etc makes them uneconomical Thanks
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    Risk assessments

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    Risk assessments

    Hi could you share where you found these templates please. I need to sort all this before 1st August. Thankyou
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    Microblading advice?

    A patch test should always be performed 48 hours before procedure
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    Microblading case studies

    To do your case studies at home, you will need a beauty couch, paper roll, disposable aprons, disposable gloves, disposable blades/needles, pen handles or completely disposable blades with handles, sterile water, disposable lip sponge wands, hair nets, clinical waste bin, medical grade wipes or...
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    SPMU pigments?

    I us either Permablend or Tina Davies I love ink
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    Best light for doing brows and lashes

    Neewer ring lights are good
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    Nano needles

    best place to buy nano needles for my tattoo gun please?
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    Can I see your home nail salons?

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    Can I see your home nail salons?

    I love your room. Can I ask where the floor lamp is from please?
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    Best phones for client photos

    Hi all ;-) im looking to get another phone to take great client photos for my portfolio. What phones do people recommend? This will be for microblading and machine cosmetic work
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    The new treatment room is now finished

    wow how great is this. Well done x
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    Sweating hands in nitrile gloves, help

    Hi all, hope someone can help please. Every time I wear disposable gloves (nitrile), my hands sweat so much. As I'm now training in microblading, I do 3 changes of gloves, and after the 1st set, my hands are so wet that I'm struggling to get more gloves on. Any ideas or help would be...
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    Microneedling treatment costs?

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    Microneedling treatment costs?

    Hi, could I please ask what anaesthetic you use please. Some said emla, but it seems to toughen/harden the skin. Thankyou