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  • lol! You love your tattoo's! I really neeeed more done, its been forever :(
    Congratulations!!!! Ava is a beautiful name, lovely choice. Hows shew doing? How are you doing? Hows your little man?
    Those births do just get quicker & quicker, don't they???
    Aw I'm so happy for you, Alex xxxxx
    Hi Alex, congratulations to you both! xx Fantastic news! I do hope you and Ava are both happy and healthy. I love the name. Take care of you.XXX
    The heat was beautiful! I really loved it Susie, what stopped me in my tracks was this kid of mine rubbing against my pelvic bone! Ah, the many joys of pregnancy, tee hee! xx
    Hi Alex
    When you speak about darker skin are you referring to asian or black skin types?
    Annie x
    Hi Alex
    I am just posting a quick response to your post about IPL/Laser systems. I work with both technologies - my advice is do your research, talk to other people that have used the system for a while. If I can be of any help with any questions you may have, let me know.
    Annie x
    Email me your response about the training chic! Sorry cant geek at work! :0
    Yey! You're there! I'm well pleased to hear from ya x
    Its so sunny down here that my kids actually look like they might, just, at a push...belong to me! lmfao
    Zack's now close to 1 & 1/2, & bless him,he can now escape from his cot....nooooooo!
    I resigned from my piercing job yesterday...bit gutted, but they were takin the you know what faaaar too much. bah.
    Onward & upward though :)

    I seem to be back, heh!

    Looks like lifes exciting for you at the moment!

    Hope you and the lil guy are realllly wellll,
    Luv Ruth xxx
    Glad to have you back Alex huni......missed you ....i am good thanks just geeking !!! xxxx
    LOL......... u must be thinking of someone little ones
    There is another 'PICKLE' :)
    WHAT? I haven't gotten any offline msgs...Hmmm, I must investigate. I know I haven't been on for a couple of days and usually when I see you coming on, I'm about to get off. We got to catch up mate!!
    Miss ya babe!! If we don't chat soon, I shall be forced to think that you don't like me anymore! :cry:
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