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    Thank you for the heart Carla. It's a difficult one isn't it. Anne x
    Hi Carla. I am brand new to this site and registered to learn more about the industry and what is trending, etc. Anyway, yours was the first post I read and I wanted to chime in as someone not in the industry. I think you've received great advise on this and I wanted to add one more thing. If I were a customer and your voicemail said something like "I can't take your call because I'm with a customer ...etc. etc." I would be much more inclined to leave a message (and give you my business :)) if your message also said something like "I will return your call within 'x hours' or prior to end of day". Something like that. Anyway - Best of luck to you!
    and lovely to meet you too :-) Yeah shame about today, i wont be going back to re-sit the additives classes has i just don't think they are worth my time. You won't find many photo's has i haven't uploaded any new ones for az long time. I mainly use my ipad now to take client photos and i can't use that funtion on here. You will find all my pics our salon fb page thou x
    Hi Carla, hope i've found the right carla louise from bournemouth academy today, if not then just ignore my friend request ;) xx
    Thank you for defending me there, have just got back into nails after a few years break, all this is new to me and I certainly didn't expect to get attacked just for starting a conversation and getting some advice! Isn't that what this site is for?!
    Hi Carla

    I'm quite new to this so haven't really done alot with my profile, I've finished my training and have started my own business from home, what about you?
    Hi carlalouise I'm carla louise too so unusual to find someone with the same name. Are you training there's not much in your profile? X
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