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  • Hi Carly,

    Here is the number for a recommended podiatrist...His name is Glen Mason and he is great! No doubt he will be able to get your mums toes sorted for her: 07519 648190

    Alison :)
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    Thanks so much for that Alison! Fingers crossed I can get her to make that appointment! X
    No probs!
    Let me know how it all goes.
    Hi Carly
    Rapid Instrument & Tool Disinfectant is clear. I don't know why the bottle you received from Beauty Express was the colour it was. Do you have a batch number and date code?
    My timing for enhancements are not good. I'm at 2 hours for nails that don't need a lot of work, if they are bitten or in a poor state more like 2.5 :(.
    I do a lot of shellac so for French I have done some today in 50 mins and that's with a layer or brisa smoothing gel too. Will get quicker with enhancements though :)
    You will love the course, let me know when you get booked and how you get on x
    Ah cool. I know, the educators do do Minx courses though, if you search Minx training you can see the course info on the Manchester Academy site :) Today was lots of practical & time flew, can't stop stroking my nice smooth nails! xx
    I absolutely loved doing the complete course. You will too :) now one more day which is what it's all been leading upto :eek:
    Yeah model days are 4 and 5 however Kate our EA said we may aswell work on each other, works for me, spa mani & my model I did have let me down! Yeah I plan on doing the Brisa Lite sometime, wanting to do Minx training too xx
    Well, in the CND letter it said to have bare nails from day 1, our educator said we can have things on our nails until day 4 (mani) but we've all just kept them bare, feels very strange. We have been looking at our own nails and pressing bits so I guess it does help to see them :p x
    Haha, just a little! I know, same with me, I'm having to not look at new collections to stop myself :( & no polish allowed on course days so my nails are bare ATM!
    For someone that isn't qualified your polishing is really good pretty damn good I'm pretty impressed and your capping your free edge and also it's very neat around your cuticle area.well done you.I think you will pass your manicure segment with flying colours.xx
    I can leave myself a message right? There's not much space in the about me!

    Just wanted to say that I am currently saving up the funds to do CND complete, most likely in Maidenhead. Whilst I'm saving I'm absorbing as much info as possible, watching youtube vids and practising my polishing techniques. Obviously I am not qualified and do not want to step on anyone's toes. I hope I'm still welcome here! Here to learn as much as I can. x
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