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    Mobile beauty therapists South Wales

    I am abergavenny and crickhowell based. Take a look at Pretty Bows - Welcome
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    Beauty room wanted

    Looking for a room to rent for my beauty business in Pontypool/cwmbran area.
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    2 week lashes

    I tape down the lashes and use the semi permanent lash glue and apply the cluster lashes. These are very popular and be great to offer it for xmas lots of parties coming up
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    Advice on a nice make up for salon use and to retail

    Art Deco and Jane Iredale are my favs to use
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    Eve Taylor... Any good?

    I dont like using it or having the products on my face but thats my preference. I was trained in college with the brand. I know alot of people use it and like it. If your happy with it then why not :)
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    What facial range?

    I think it is def worth investing in a good brand of facial and bodycare. If you are aiming to attract clients into the salon then a well known brand is a good option. As you say many of the salons in your area are using dermalogica I would go for something different. I use Decleor and would...
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    facial routines?

    unfortunately there isnt one set routine we all learn a routine in college thats different and when in the workplace may pick up different movements from training or from other workmates. I used to find it hard too., but the more you do it it just clicks. keep reading over the routine and do...
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    Hot Towel, Uses, Pros & Cons

    I obviously havent read the rules that we cant help people with college work.
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    Teaching other half to Spray tan

    my partner also trained too haha :)
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    Hot Towel, Uses, Pros & Cons

    cons- I usually sanitize the feet with hot towels before i do massage, the clients always like it especially in winter when its cold, they are good for removing products because tof the texture, good for opening pores up ready for masks etc, easy to wash. cant think of any others. Cons- the heat...
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    What makeup does everyone have?

    I love MAC personally I use this on myself. But Ive used a variety of different make up brands in salons. Art Deco is fab and I also love Jane Iredale.
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    Any Geeks have any top tips for retailing, to help us boost our commission for xmas time?:)
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    Male waxing strange request

    ahhhhh well you learn something new every day. I dont think I would either especially if he doesnt leave a name or number you wonder whether he is actually serious about booking a treatment
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    Male waxing strange request

    please do share I am also clueless?
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    Depressed my waxing takes so long!

    I would just say practice, I used to take a long time with waxing when I first qualified because my technique wasnt quite right and I was fussing too much but now I take 15-20mins for leg wax.