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  • I know exactly what you mean and that is why I admire you for making the correct decision this time! xxx
    Thank you so much for rep my darling. Sorry this wasn't the opportunity you hoped it would be but I admire you for the decision you have made! xxx
    HI Caroline
    thanks for your message and sorry i only saw it now but if you let me know where you are I can get you in touch with one of our trainers?
    Caroline hi, Just read your post, was at Bramham Horse Trials yesterday:) Thats a bit of a downer about the waxing. Why not ask at Picasso's?
    Hiya, not seen you around on here for a while, how are you? Thanks for stopping by my profile:)
    have never used roller system, think i had issues as It didnt look to be getting to its temperature, got my certificate from Picasso's this aft, looks nice but not what I would call official:|
    underarms are hard as well! The skin is so sensitive there. Was the roller system not what you're used to?
    Caro hi, It went ok thanks, was rather nervous though & managed to do a perfect underarm wax, struggled slightly with the roller system:rolleyes:
    Thank you for the lovely rep points and comment which you gave me back in September last year! I have only just realised you and a few others had given them. I bet you won't remember what the post was about - a Level 3 graduate who was about to give up due to lack of clients and we were all giving her encouragement and marketing ideas. Anyway, after nearly a year on here I am discovering the Site Assistance section. Doh! Have a great day. Caroline x
    Hi Caro!! Sure, if you want to hit me up on FB? we can chat it up about princess parties anytime.
    I glue-gun full tips onto popsicle sticks, and let 'older' princesses polish, paint and etc, glitter..
    Smaller children, I photocopy hands, and they can colour and use stickers to decorate the nails... :)
    Any other questions, just holler :)
    Hi caroline im good thanks, ha ive just seen your message!! I dont really find salon geek easy to navigate, dont understand where messages are etc.....just seen it when logged in! hope your well, see u soon. x
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