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  • Lovely salon you have there. Can i be cheeky and ask where you got it from? I work from home, but would like to take it out of the house if poss. Did u have different doors and windows fitted or is that how it came? I converted a small bedroom, but it wont be long and my son would need it back. Vicky
    Hi Carole, if you would still like to join us, we are going to the Ebrington Arms at Kirkby on Bain ( next tues 16th Nov. Meeting there at 7.30, table booked for 8.15 xxxx
    Hi Carole, could you give me some advice please, Harmony say to use harmony ph bond before the foundation, does it have to be Harmony I have NSI balance bond that I use before gel do you think it would be ok to use this? Thanks carol
    Hi Carole, I see you are based in Lincolnshire. We are just in the process of organizing a Lincolnshire geek meet. Would you be interested in joining us? xx
    It's hard to reproduce colour in print or on the internet. As for Gelish wearing, it just goes on and on and on. Stays shiny too with no dulling at all even using acetone and monomer every day! xxxx
    Thanks for the comment on my photo. The colour is Gossip Girl and is really as shiny as it looks!! xxx
    Woo hoo Carol - no I hadn't, how lovely to hear from you! Glad things are picking up a bit for you, am sure now the summer is coming this wil be it for you. I am going to rent part time in a gym, was getting too lonely at home and plus I started to not like having strangers coming into the house, odd I know! xx will pick I am sure, how can anyone resist your lovely cabin? Are you offering anything chocolatey for Valentines? Are we really at that stage of the year already...crazy! x
    Hi Carol...sorry for taking soooo long to reply! I have hardly been on here lately. Hope the New Year has been as busy as the Xmas time. I have had a busy January especially with the Microdermabrasion! xx
    Hi - I am mega quiet! almost started to think to just give it up, it is so frustrating but I have to keep faith that one day it will go berserk as I know it will for you. Have you got on all the free websites, one other thing I have got on is Wahanda.

    You getting a chance to see our favourite man? I have booked twice (other half wont let me do more - boo hiss lol.

    Hi,I just saw your thread about A boards and have wondered about them myself. As I don't have a huge amount of clients visiting my home salon (I work freelance too) I don't have to pay business rates. I have wondered if the council would change their mind if I had an obvious sign out front. I do think its a great idea though and not tacky at all. Good luck and if you have any thoughts about the council message me back please.x
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