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  • Hi Carrie
    Just popped by to let you know i passed my course on friday hope all is well with you.xx
    Hi Carrie,

    How was your training, how are you getting on with the business? I have not been on this for such a long time. I just saw a thread about facebook, contact me on there so we can have a chat. Teresa Ward
    hiya sweetie do you want to come on facebook? i added you as a friend might be easier for us to talk on there than on here xx
    Hi Carrie,

    I'm really new to this site but last night any information I was unsure about for eg. Tax, starting up a business account, different sprays etc. I put what ever info into the search button and lots of threads come up. Put in Sienna X or Tantrick and you may get some other answers. Look at the Sienna X website and give them a call, they were really lovely. I have my training in two weeks time.

    Any more info I get I will let you know. Have a look at the thread there today as Jane and Emerald gave me some good advice.

    Blondy1 x
    Hi Carrie,

    I've had no response as of yet, but any info I get I will definately pass on.

    Blondy 1 x
    Hi Carrie, Ive just been reading your post about Dermalogica. I work for myself and I too wanted Dermalogica but was out of my price range. I have just received some samples from a company called Beauty lab, they are a new company that is beggining a massive launch and has been seen on 10 years younger. The products are lovely and are on a par with Dermalogica. The set up is only £395 and I can see this going up in price very soon. There website is www.beautylab.co.uk if you'd like some samples sending. I just thought I'd let you know as I too wanted Dermalogica but now feel I'm bringing a new product into my salon that I believe is going to be a big hit and no other therapist in my area uses it. Hope you find this helpful. Donna xxxx
    Hi , Well you certainly don't look old to me,
    more like , young and very pretty, minky x
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