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    Tanning Mixed Race Skin

    awwww thank you so much for getting bck to me and your advise. I really appreciate that xxx
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    Tanning Mixed Race Skin

    Hi Everyone I have a spray tan booked in for tomorrow and she is a new client. She is mixed race and A) She has never had a spray tan before B) I have never spray tanned mixed race skin before Could anyone advise me how the tan will work out? I use Sienna X tanning solution and am a...
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    Dermalogica account

    Hi everyone I am trying to buy some anti bac facial wash from Dermalogica (250ml). I usually buy it online at the Jersey Beauty company but they are out of stock and would like it before I go on holiday (I go on Thursday) Does anyone have a dermalogica account that would sell me a bottle...
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    Sienna X Spray me Gorgeous BRONZER Machine

    Hi everyone Has anyone used the Sienna X Spray me Gorgeous BRONZER Machine? Any feedback on this machine would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance everyone
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    manicures and pedicures mobile

    Hi everyone Finally finished my exams and am now doing some practicing beauty treatments for friends and family. I am doing it mobile as this is what I plan to do. I just wondered what you all took with you to soak feet in when doing a pedicure? Do you all take foot spas? Do any of you...
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    ITEC Beauty Specialist Exams

    Hi, I just wondered if anyone is doing their ITEC Beauty Specialist Exams soon and would be interested in swapping mock papers? I have mine in 2 weeks and need all the help I can get lol. xxx
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    Sienna x 8.5 Solution

    Hi I have the 8.5% and the 10%. Most people go for the 10% but I also dont think anyone would want to go for anything darker than this. xxx
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    which wax

    Thanks - cant wait to train with you Wax Queen xx
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    Jemma Kidd Make Up Courses

    Hi. I havent done a course with her yet, but would love to do her bridal make up course which is for 3 days. Its just going to cost a fortune with the accomodation on top of the course cost - which is £500. Does anyone know if any other bridal make up courses that have been good? xxx
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    which wax

    what waxing make do you all use? Does anyone use the one from Sallys - (its called Salon Systems I think). Its just that I find my client is sticky after a wax when using either honey or creme wax (I use Creme more). But as Im a stilll in training I dont knwo if its me or if its rubbish wax...
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    Pop up tent question?

    There is a video on youtube that shows you how to put the tents down, its deade easy once you know how. Sorry I cant find the link now as Im at work - does anyone know the video Im on about xxx
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    Salon Uniforms

    Hi everyone Just wondered where you all get your tunics from? XXX
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    Tantrick Samples

    Hi everyone I know so many of you use Tantrick spray tan. Does anyone know who I need to contact to get some samples sent as I am thinking of changing to Tantrick from Sienna X. Or using both. I am happy with Sienna X but I have a few customers that feel the 8.5 is not deep enough and the...
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    Huddersfield Technical College

    Hi everyone Has anyone done Nail Technology at Huddersfield Technical college? I am doing all my courses at White Rose, but am unable to do the nail course there as they only hold the course during the day. If anyone could give me any feedback on the course at Huddersfield Tec that would...
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    Spray Tans

    Oh and I now use Sienna X which I love, but have never used Tantrick so cant comment on them. Plenty of people use Tantrick on thsi forum though and think very highly of them x