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    Technique advice

    I'd do a balayage to achieve that.
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    Which colour brand?

    No, they're not as good. I can't speak for rusk as I've never tried it but back when I was doing my level two I tried xp100. Its cheap for a reason, stinks of cat wee and just doesnt perform well. Wella is brilliant and consistent I'd stick with that.
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    Prepigment before balayage?

    Pictures won't load for me but it sounds like Ronray has given sound advice based off of your description!
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    Other brand equivalent of Ion 8.34

    Looked at the swatch myself and think 8/74 is probably the best option!
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    Wella Colour Touch

    Ahh yes, I personally wouldn't have touched it with 8/81 you'd have been better with a /71. Why not just use something warm on a 7-8 to warm the silver up?
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    New hair help!

    Is it the colour or cut you wanted to change? Or both?
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    Newly qualified, colour question

    Wella Koleston is really good for reds but I'm biased[emoji12] However 55/66 is violet, not red, and very dark. I'd recommend 77/46 and 8/45 equal parts with 9% and leave on for the full 60 mins so you don't end up with root glow. Is her hair virgin? If you can try to upload a picture of her...
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    Wella Colour Touch

    What depth are your mids and ends?
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    Help reverse root smudge

    Its not really a reverse root smudge if her hair is already a 9 its just a root smudge. I would do it on wet hair as you'll get a much nicer blend. What brand do you use and what were you thinking of as a colour choice?
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    Wella Colour Touch

    Good luck! You've picked some really good shades to experiment with!
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    Wella Colour Touch

    They have a 7/97! 7 and 8/71 are gorgeous for lowlights and root stretches, as are the /97s. 8/81 will probably be extremely cool on a level 9, silver on a 10. 9/97 would be a nice toner on a level 9 but yes it won't add a good shadow, you could mix it with 7/97 to get an 8.
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    Wella thread

    Thought I'd bump this thread as theres so much info on here it may save people starting a new thread for advice, if someone is nervous or just lurking!
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    Wella Colour Touch

    I agree, you'll get a much more blended result applying to wet hair. The water helps to disperse and soften the product!
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    Balayage for a redhead-help!

    What do you have as it probably won't be ok to leave raw?
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    Balayage for a redhead-help!

    Yes if you're doing it tomorrow definitely chuck the tint. Bleach and tone all the way.