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    Silver grey hair

    I've never really been a fan of using black to create silver. I find it results in a very dull and flat silver, almost matt looking. Why don't you try 10/86 or 9/81 in KP? Any silver colour will fade though and if you use 6% any virgin brown hair will lift and expose warmth.
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    Need supplier of Russian nano 24”-30” help! They do 1mm i tip not sure if thats small enough as nano?
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    Caramel highlights on tinted base 4 hair

    Snap! You must type faster than me[emoji848]
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    Caramel highlights on tinted base 4 hair

    Number 1 rule of hair colour - tint will not lift tint. Your options are bleach, or lift and deposit like magma, which as you're toning afterwards would just a waste of product. You also can try 10/0 which breaks that number 1 rule due to the ammonia content. Although I feel this is unreliable...
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    Wella Sunlights?

    /97 range would be nice. As would /38s and /73s.
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    Wella Sunlights?

    I find sunlights quite unreliable. Better off using illumina or koleston.
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    Reverse balayage on grey roots bleach mid length and ends

    When you say ash brown, what depth exactly? And as for blonde, how blonde? 8, 9, 10? Sorry if that seems sarcastic, I just need to get as much info as possible to help you!
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    Wella Special Mix

    MFI says no, just koleston. But I've done it, however you won't be covered by insurance should anything go wrong. I'd recommend using shades as mix tones. For example of you need blue mix tone then use 7/81 or 5/81 depending on requirements.
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    Silver hair extensions, will they grab toner more than clients own hair?

    Yes you're right in worrying. They will grab and go much darker, the tone will probably be off too. Best, like you suggest, she just sections and tones the top of her hair!
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    Root melt/stretch/shadow

    1) I use wella. The product depends on my starting point but I'm likely to use illumina or colour touch. 2) There are reasond why you'd do a root stretch: - To add dimension to a full head of foils - To transition someone from foils or full head tint/bleach to a balayage - To help fix ghost...
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    Mobile hairdresser with an unhappy client - help please!

    She sounds pathetic if I'm being honest. Shes acting as if its some horrific tragedy and her hair has fallen out or gone orange... I mean come on you've got a bit of tint staining on your skin! Try not to let her bother you as anyone who agrees with her is just as ridiculous! Don't be hard...
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    Help hair too orange

    I think you'd be better using a lower developer and leaving it on longer, 1.9% or even 3% will be better than 6. If its only a 7 it shouldn't take long, lift it to a pale yellow then tone accordingly.
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    Help hair too orange

    If you're seeing orange I suspect your hair hasn't been lifted enough so a level 10 will not be suitable. Can you identify the depth your hair has lifted to?
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    Help hair too orange

    Hi, welcome to the forum! Are you a qualified hairdresser?
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    Wella Koleston Perfect ME+ - new formulation

    I totally agree. I don't think it really stands as a criticism of a brand when you're not weighing colour and using matching developer, you'll only ever get the best performance with them, I understand they're more expensive but the benefits outweigh the higher cost for me. Plus your...