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  • Hiya hun, just seen the reply but its on yr page, im so tired at the moment the move has floored me, need a week in a health spa or somewhere hot! hows you? jusy rejoined facebook are you on it hun? x x x
    Hi hunni,Im not too bad apart from my feet hurting.
    I am quiet again this week at work, so have been busy making cupcakes for something to do.....I have been giving them away I have made that many lol. Maybe a new sideline there.
    How are you?? Hows your energy levels this week? I hope you dont get too tierd with the move xx
    Oh good all girly gossip sounds fun :) im down at neils going to the house tomorrow and cleaning so no fun this weekend, mind im getting exited to move now just wish i had more energy!
    enjoy your weekend petalx x
    Ahh sorry to hear that Cath, hope they can sort something out, Ive moved quite alot in the past so use to it although been at this flat for 7 yrs now, think apart from my mum and dads its the longest i lived somewhere.
    I will just do friends and family still as i get quite tired easy.
    My website has been put on hold for the moment as needs more work but here is the link
    Step Into Style - Home Page
    but on there is my facebook link as always putting money off codes on so keep a look out :) x x
    Ahh thanks Cath, new colours so had to try out of course ;)
    Im ok thanks, moving in 6 weeks so lots to sort out, im in Newcsatle but my boyfriend lives in Richmond so mover there and cant wait :)
    How you feeling? Have you been up to much? x x
    Thats awful for you, hope you will be ok and it wont spread xx
    have a fad time at the wedding x x x
    Ah no, what problem is with your feet? Ive got ME so get wiped pretty easy, have to pace myself which is a pain :(
    Have a lovely day at the wedding, suppose to be nice weather so will be lovely for you x x x
    Hi Cath, ahh thankyou just bit run down! You all better? did you get your shopping trip in?
    Thanks for my heart too, your nails are fab, i love that colour x x
    Afternoon Cath, you better? hope your having a nice weekend, thanks for the heart xx
    Oh bless you, that must be painful, I hope you're ok?

    Glad you're busy, business sounds like it is going well, thats great, hope your grandchildren are both well too xx
    Hi hun, hows you? Have you had a good week?

    I had a great holiday, it was so hot, ate and drank way too much and put on half a stone so the diet starts again Monday! Back to work tomorrow xx
    Ahh no i seen you had been ill, what a nightmare :( happy birthday for tue, you will have to make up for it by going shopping so i hope your better for sunday, Im off to get my hair done today then popping into town and tomorrow my sister is back from Marbella as been there 3 weeks so cant wait to see her.
    You rest hun and get some strengh built up for a power shop.
    Get well soon x x x
    Ahh thanks, feeling bit flat so been having a pamper, you much planned for the weekend? x x
    Hi hun, hows things? Are you busy? How are your grandchildren?

    Im off on hols on Tuesday so had a really busy day today fitting everyone in before I go, beautiful weather but been stuck indoors all day, nevermind, I just think of the money!

    Well I finally have my car back after my accident and should be moving in about a months time so all busy busy, need my holidays to park my backside on a sunlounger and read, oh and drink!! xx
    Ah not close then :sad: ohh i love a day at the beach, glad i went yesterday its pouring down today x x
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