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  • Ps, what part of yorkshire are you from as my partner is north yprkshire, richmond xx
    Whitley bay, i dont drive but the metro train is at the bottom of my street so we got that, takes half hour, and yes i had fish and chips (yummy) and sat by the sea, love it when the sun is out x x
    Ahh well good your getting some chilling in :)im worn out just been to the coast and was lovely weather for once but now just need a cuppa and sofa x x
    Ooooh lovely, hopefully you will get a bargain then! I used to be a Travel Agent, I went on honeymoon to the Maldives to a 5* resort in a water bungalow for £1000! Thats the only thing I miss about that job!

    Ive just been to check out the local school where we are moving, I used to go there so felt very strange going back round, brought back some memories!

    Hope you've had a good day xx
    We are going to Spain, cant wait for some sunshine, where are you planning to go with your friend?

    Next week is suppose to be better weather, I need the sun as I have psoriasis and its particularly bad at the min due to the stress of the car, house etc, I really need to chill about things and then my skin would be calmer too!! xx
    Great news on the weight loss, you have done so well getting back into the healthy eating so quick after your hols.

    The house is pretty much to our taste apart from a few things, but generally nothing much needs doing apart from converting the garage into a salon for me, that will take a few weeks after moving so gonna have to use a room in the house for a little while. I have had a busy couple of weeks but im like you and still building it up so some weeks busier than others.

    Im going on hols in 5 weeks and cannot wait, ready for the move on our return!! xx
    Hi hun, hows things? how are your grandchildren? Are you settling back in after your hols, bloody weather is awful though isnt it?!?

    Well ive sold my house, was on the market for 6 days, been soooo stressful finding a house quickly! We put it on expecting it to take ages and sold so quick, we found a lovely house this weekend though, im so excited. My car still is being repaired, gonna take a couple of months so got a hire car at the min, getting impatient cos I want mine back, nevermind at least it can be fixed!

    Have you been busy? xx
    Ah you lucky lady, i cant even show my tan off!!
    Ah not close to Richmond then, im from Newcastle but moving to Richmond sometime in the future, Well have a nice day and we can look at our holiday pics until the sun comes out!! :) x x
    Ahh where you off too? i was in Cyprus for a week came back Monday, seems like i never went this weather aint helping :( just seen your in Yorkshire, where abouts? my boyfriend lives in Richmond x x
    Hi Cath! Was wondering when you were back from your hols, glad you had a great time, what a shame you cant get your legs out and show off your tan, I hate it when you get back of a holiday and the weather is crap! Did you eat and drink plenty?

    Ive had a bit of a crap week, had a car accident on Wednesday and my car has been taken away to see if can be fixed, maybe a write off so not happy but at least I wasnt hurt, a lorry drove into me because he couldnt see me and I ended up in front of him sideways on and he still carried on driving with me at the front of his cab cos he still couldnt see me (think he needs to go to specsavers!!), I thought my time was gonna be up! Luckily im unhurt but car very badly damaged down the whole of the drivers side.

    Ive also put my house on the market this week so its all going on! Hows your grandchildren? xx
    I am now fully booked tomorrow & monday so am well chuffed.
    I have just finished spray tanning 4 clients (all booked today) got home & am having some tea. Then, toffee apple cider time mmmmm.
    Hope you enjoy your wine hun xx
    Ah Isaac sounds so cute, I remember when I had my 2nd child, the eldest used to put sweets in his moses basket because he wanted to share, at least there is no jealousy!

    Good luck with promoting yourself around the local area, at least you have 4 clients tomorrow, its better than none at all and you have only just started so its gonna take time to be busy every day, sounds like you are doing really well.

    Oooh bet you cant wait for your hols, just the right time to go what with this bloody awful weather, and you have achieved your bikini body so you must be well chuffed!

    I dont think ill be going to the Manchester show, its a 3 hour drive for me so a bit of a way to go. I have a client in 10 mins so cant wait to get that one done and then it might be wine o'clock, it is Friday night after all! xx
    Hi hun, hows your granddaughter? and your grandson, is he enjoying his new little sister?

    Have you been busy? Ive been quiet this week, maybe due to it being half term, I always seem to be quieter in the holidays, Ive finally lost all my weight I wanted to, I now need to keep it off but shouldnt be too hard as have got quite used to healthy eating now, feeling much better now my work trousers are loose!! xx
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