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  • Hi what is the difference between carrabien indulgence and fresh it just the tone? I am currently using nouvatan and i am loking to change xx
    Catherine S has been absent from the site since June of last year, so you may prefer to create a new thread.
    Is the FreshMist tanning machine as good as it sounds? I wanted to make a thread to ask people's opinions or reviews if they have tried it but couldn't work out how. Any help would be amazing!
    I am a mobile therapist and I am looking for a brand that clients know, trust & love!
    I have heard amazing reviews on salon geek and I am interested in using your spray tan solution.
    Do you have a minimum opening order?
    Any promotional material?
    Any samples of products so I know which solution to go for?

    Many thanks
    Catherine S
    Catherine S
    Hi Tracey. We don't have a minimum order size at all. You can choose samples direct from our website, or give us a call on 0208 290 4747 :)
    Hi, Im lookin in to different tan to decide which i want to train/use with? i was wondering if you have any samples that you can send out, and some information on prices of kit training etc, email
    Hi could you get the fresh indulgence trainer in Invergordon to email me please,I'm interested in doing some training. misvw@hotmail.comMany thanks
    hello just wondering about fresh indulgence training? i live in Anglesey is there any training around here?
    i also have familiy in stockport and manchester so any of these would be brilliant to!
    please be intouch thanks alot!!!!
    beth :)
    Thanks Amelia! Sorry, I am so rubbish, I don't know how to bulk delete messages out of my inbox so I do about 5 one-by-one and then get bored. And then it ends up getting full again.
    Hey its says your private message box is full! lol my email is Thanks
    I think there is fautly batches or they are lying about not changing it! they did make a slight difference but the amount I used I should have been soooo dark or dayglo orange lol I did try it but it was'nt quite what I was looking for. Think I'm trying to find the impossible tbh a really dark tan for a pale face like me lol xx
    It's definitely very strange. Everyone is saying all over the forums that something is up with Xen Tan, and yet they claim nothing has changed. That booster drops make no difference to it is even weirder though!

    Hopefully they can give you some kind of explanation when they test your solution. Otherwise, yes, I guess it is a matter of trying what else is out there! Did you get a chance to try your Caribbean Indulgence sample yet?
    Hi Catherine, well have tried again, I thought in for a penny in for a pound :D lol I added 25 drops to the same soloution and not much change at all! thought it was just me so asked my friend and she agreed :( I have sent Xen Tan a sample of my tan to test, I think there is defo something up! as its not just me noticing the change. If they come back saying its fine I suppose I will just have to change soloution, have many sample to try too! lol xx
    I wish I knew what the starting DHA level of Xen Tan was so we could work it out better :( Thanks for the update, let me know your future findings!!
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