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    Thanks for the heart. Merry Christmas x

    Thanks for the heart. Merry Christmas x
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    Worst treatments you have had as a client?

    I have had two bad hair experiences...... The first one was at a very well known salon and as soon as the stylist said how about colouring my hair I cringed as hers was purple. Anyway she convinced me that this very dark red would suit me, so I thought OK go for it, she will know what...
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    New puppy

    Soooooooo cute :Love: I want one!!!!! x
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    Thank you for my heart x

    Thank you for my heart x
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    Thank you for my heart x

    Thank you for my heart x
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    Thank you for your heart x

    Thank you for your heart x
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    New friends

    I am 39 and have moved to Winchester and would like to meet new friends. The problem is my hobbies are animal orientated and I am not a very confident person to try new things on my own. The friends that I have all live miles away and are always busy and have husbands/families (I am single)...
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    Help with Brisa Gel & Shellac for a client!

    I have had a NNO of Brisa and Shellac on for four weeks, which were still perfect but grow quite slow. I use solar oil twice a day and I wear gloves etc. I have had some clients which have had chipping/lifting and now know that it is them that are not looking after them properly, even though...
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    Got my salon keys, so much work to do

    Good luck, I am sure it will look amazing when it is finished! Can't wait to see the results, so keep us posted. :) What are you going to be called? xx
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    Amy Childs' Shellac rack

    Are they not the Irresistible Glitters on the bottom? x
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    Thank you for my heart, very kind. xx

    Thank you for my heart, very kind. xx
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    I cannot wear Shellac

    I use a pipette to put the DSolve on the pad that way I don't use too much and I am not touching it! x
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    Nail Table/Room/Space wanted

    I am looking for a nail table/room/space to rent in the Winchester area. Please PM me if you have anything available.
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    Charging your own mom

    My Mum sadly passed away 11 years ago, but if she were here there would be no way I would ever have charged her. She would have loved the treatments I can now do and it would have been my pleasure to have done these for her. In my opinion think about what she has done for you throughout your...
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    Would you forgive a cheater?

    I was constantly being accused of cheating on my OH, which was not true and I never gave him any reason to think this. I thought this was strange and it really got me down. Well in the end I found out he was cheating on me and it was all a cover up, so we are now not together! It has been...