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  • Hi love, following your comment on Adele's blog she is/was a smoker...... Is that enough incentive to give it up? I hope so, I'm not loving my friends being in pain and I'd hate for you to suffer because of it too. Take care :hug: xxxxx
    Hi, Cathie, good to see you last week. Thanks formy lovely thumb nail! I'll give you a call soon for a full set of gels. Kathryn wants a set, too. If she leaves the baby with the M.I.L. can we come together 'cos she deoesn't know how to get to you? Speak soon. Babs xx
    no i was just helping out until they got some one else as i am back at college doing a hairdressing course.
    Hi, Im looking for an ezflow nail tech in bristol and im told your the person to skeak to. If you are intrested could you please let me know. Thank you
    Good news, are you back full time at work now then?

    All good here, just a shame here is still bristol :lol: xxx
    That's good news then.

    Maybe they will let you into the disabled area.....or maybe they will think you are a quack trying to conceal a deadly weapon :lol:
    I just saw your 'bandage' bloomin ek! I guess at least it's the holidays so you'll save the childcare costs.

    You are lucky you found someone to look after your clients for you, is it someone in your salon?

    The move ISN'T going yet.........if anything could have gone wrong it has........hopefully another couple of weeks and we'll be on our way.
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