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  • course im gonna miss ya hunnio!
    yeah it is good news abt georgie... didnt know if i should post on here on nt?....
    i am please for her, one day ill get there....lololol yeah rite my nails are ****e and im just nt good enough dont think i ever will be how im feeling abt everything rite now... dad says im a mug and i shouldnt put up with it but time will tell i guess!
    .........ignore me...... on side im down the other im v excited as i ordered the orly mini display and it should be here today, yay!
    spk soon
    j xoox
    hi cathie! newquay is 20mins away from me! we r going there sunday 4 a mothersday meal! lovely place! hope u r well x x x
    im sure you said your nt going to excel... thought id better check id hate to miss you if you are
    j xoxo
    His flat is in Stoke Park...and work based at Abbeywood...I've not been there yet as he's only just got it, but we plan to go down soon for a few says. I'll definitely drop you a line if and when we do xxx
    Hi Cathie! Thanks for the lovely comment on Morgandie...I know I'm biased but she really is gorgeous! Hubby has just got a flat in Bristol as he works there now, and we will be visiting you never know I may bring her to meet you one day! xx
    Hi Cathie! Thank you for being my friend and making me excited at my notifications when I logged in ~ yippppeeeeeeeee! xx
    Just got back after a 6000 kilometer journey in the car whilst in the UK on my PopIt tour. lol Back in the UK in a week's time for the demo at Excel with Samuel. Maybe see you there? I'd love to meet up again.
    hey hunnio.... sorry phone is now dead!... need to plug it in!
    i have charged normal price for students b4 and i ve also given them a discount too... up to you hunnio... if you think they will become a client and eran you some extra pennies in the long run then a small discount is alrite i guess
    j xoxo
    Hi Cathie thanks for the reply I just wondered what do you think I should do? Should I remove all the gel and reapply? I missed out the last coat of clear gel do you think that could have caused any problems? sorry to be a pain but I am at a loss Karen xx
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