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    The Gel Bottle Inc

    I did manage to find a Facebook and Instagram post from a salon last year with photographs of what had happened to the nails from using the products. They looked absolutely horrific, like the nails had melted off. I'm so glad I saw the post and have looked into it as I had the course and kit etc...
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    The Gel Bottle Inc

    Thank you for the reply. They are actually the most expensive out of all the courses i have looked at. I had no idea there were any issues until I searched for the company on here. I think I shall go for a company who have been around longer such as CND. There's a lot on Instagram showing lovely...
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    The Gel Bottle Inc

    Hi, just looking for a little advice regarding the Gel Bottle Inc products. I have been looking at courses with all different companies for a few months, and really like the look of the gel bottle inc products from all that I have followed on Instagram and have looked into their training...
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    Popular extensions, gel or acrylic

    Hi, I am just looking at various training courses and different companies. Which would you say from experience is more popular? Gel extensions or Acrylic? I personally prefer the look of gel extensions as they look more natural but just wanted some advice as to which course would be best to...
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    The app

    Ok thank you
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    The app

    hi, just wondering if there is a Salongeek app? I have had a search but couldn't find anything. I have an android phone. Thanks