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  • Perhaps towards the end of next week (I'm in the middle of opening a salon in Malvern lol!). Email me your contact details and I'll touch base xx
    Hi I'm in wolverhampton I would be happy for a spray tan, my poor white legs are glowing blue lol !!!
    Hey hunny - I am in Malvern and would be happy to let you spray me. I could spray you too! Good luck with your venture! xx
    hiya well done with the training x did you get a sienna kit ? the party was good i didnt have a fan (i done 7 full bods) an i really needed one so thats on my list to buy be4 i do another one lol no complaints so far an i've had some good comments got 2 girls booked in for 2mor one had it done last week, where are you plaining on advertising to? you going door to door with some leaflets ?
    here i go again with the essay lol
    do worry bout stripping off i was the same although my daughter is good few years older, the models tha did turn up for us were all shapes an sizes when your training she taught us to look at the colour so to be honest i didnt notice there shape ! good luck an i bet your stunning hun, please don worry about that an try to get an do a full practice on a model
    so i went back to the nhs an over the last 6 moonths i'm missing the haid so i do a little bit of mobile an now i'm trying spray tanning because i choce what clients i want an it's for me i'm loving it an now i charge !!
    i work in an office 9-1 an i love it i've done admin work since i left school blah blah but when i got to 25 i decided to do hair so i done nvq2 in hair along with a foundation degree in visual an media make up following tha i woked in a salon for about 2 years then i fell out of love with hair working for a bitch doing family an friends for free all the time !
    sorry i don a really long essay an i had to post it in sections i hope you can make sense of it lol
    the after care availble and the marketing leaflets you can get to promote yourself are fab, but these are all extra which have to be paid for. i dont want to put you off because i still think the company are really good i was just unlucky on the day that there was a few to many students, but thats jus my opinion.

    have you got a kit yet ?

    oh thats one long essay sorry x
    so we all had to watch each other tan a model an because there was 6 of us there that was a bit boring but obviosly we run out of models for me an other girl to have ago! then we had to get our kit off to tan each other, once we done tha we had to fill out a multiple choice questionnair an we were free to go! i got my certificate this morning......the only thing i was disappointed with was that there was 6 of us training an i didnt get to have a practice before i was let lose on my own an i seemed to be waiting around for everyone else to do there if i had a model to do a full body on with the trainer by my side then i prob would of rated the session better but to be honest i wish i'd of asked how many would be there on the day she said the week before she only had one student !
    on the day we had to be there for 2pm lady was really nice done a bit of theory, health & safety she just talked us through a training manual that you get to keep..then a lady came and the trainer, sue, demonstrated a tan on her then a few models turned up there were 6 of us there on the day an only 4 models turned up so i only had a little bit of practice i done half a body which wasn't the best to be honest,
    thanks its friends from work so i'm only charging £10, i've only told a few people i've done my sister-in-law an she's spreading the word, i'm really nervous about advertising yet i'm gonna see how friday turns out i'm worried to about not getting any paying customers you always get people who want it free but not many who wanna part with the cash.... there a girl who lives down the road from me an she's charging £10 for a full body but they have to go to her i think thats way to cheap when you've bought the stuff an petrol in the car you be doing it for nothing i'm starting off doing it for £20 full body party's are 6 guests £15 the host is free an see how it goes if no one wants it i'll go to £15 but not yet lol....
    hiya when did you say you was having your training?, i done mine on sunday it was really good sienna are all geared up with the marketing side of it which helps a lot, i've doen alot of freebies got my first party on friday night so finger crossed i'll earn some cash lol
    hello - im very new to this site but thought id say a quick hello and wish you good luck with your course x
    Hehe, my bf used to work at Jacks... now hes working office in a restaurant close to the casino, just on the other side of the highway from puerto banus?
    And the world is getting smaller by the minute, i can WALK to Selwo hills...
    Its too bad we didnt talk before, ive never met a real live geek...
    I don't live "in" Malaga, i live in the province of malaga, between marbella and estepona, heard of puerto banus? night life city? Trained with Kristina Manners in Marbella. Give me shout next time you come around! =)
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