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  • Congratulations on Winning 1st place with your lovely 'Salon Nails' it was nice to see you and say hello. Debbie x
    Merry Merry Christmas Cec and I hope we get to meet up in the new year. All the best wishes to you and your family xxxx
    I am well. My mum is not too good and my father-in-law has been ill too, so we are hoping for a better time next year.

    Things are very quiet at the moment, workwise, hopefully christmas will get people spending again.

    Good luck with the move back to the city. You will have to post pics. of the new salon when its finished.
    Hey there hun, how are things. Hope you and the family are keeping well. How are all the competitions going?

    Trish xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi Cec,
    I would be happy to be a model for you in the competition, I will pm you my tel number. If you wanted me to model I would take my nails off so that they are in tip top condition for competition day. I only live 45 mins away from Manchester city centre.
    Love Angela x
    Hi Cec, you could try this site for your models Salon Guinea Pig - Find people for practising treatments, training courses, competitions, etc. :hug: minky x
    thats gonna be tough then in that amount of time. it would be o.k if they were just expecting salon standard, but they are looking for perfection arent they.
    i wish you the best of luck, you do lovely nails.
    I hope you had a good day and enjoyed yourself. I was getting excited for you.

    Trish xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Dearest girl, Seville is WAY far away from me but anything is possible. If you are there for some months then you can come here or we could go there. Hope you are having a good time and that all is well. I can't keep up with you !! :hug:
    Well, you are always more then welcome to pop by ;) Those classes sound super interesting. I understand that it´s not so fun traveling by yourself but it´s for a good cause :D maybe i can check the categories at the nailympics out and participate, who knows. would be fun just to meet other techs
    Well, I´m from Belgium actually but have been living in gothenburg for 4 years now. forgive my ignorance but wat is a HRTE-class? When is the competition held? very brave of you to enter!! I have only entered one and it was an online comp. lol :)I will keep my fingers crossed
    Hi there cec. :) i saw the winning nails that you did... they are absolutly stunning. My strongest side is l+p and my gel application isn´t nearly as good yet. To bad you don´t live in Sweden. Else we could meet up and share some tips and tricks ;)
    That is great that his school is allowing it and he is obviously clever enough, I think he has some of your brains too hunny :green: xxxxx:hug:
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