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  • Ok, I'm in Edinburgh on the Monday for Competition prep day and then I'm busy Tuesday too. So will check tomorrow if I have space on the Wed. Can't promise as its usually my busiest day!Will get back too you xx
    The best way for you to get to me is by train from Aberdeen to Montrose. Takes approx 1/2 hr, my mobile is 07791 787796, I'll pick you up at the station. Just let me know when so I can free up some time in the diary. Look forward to meeting you. xx
    I am in Fife Cec near Edinburgh about 2 hours drive south of Aberdeen.

    My assessment and practical went well. I passed YAY.

    I am very excited now about the job and cant wait. I know its going to be tiring but I dont care. Just let me loose on those nails:).

    Trish xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Mmmmm small problem, you are never home ha ha ha,
    fiona wallace and her daughter wee fee are in Scotland, they both teach for CND and there are loads of other Scottish nail techs,
    you would be better to put a thread on the main forum then everyone would see it hun,
    its about 6hrs away from me or i would have met up for a coffee with you xxx
    Sat on your door step ha ha,
    no im at home as always hun,
    collin and britta live in Aberdeen, they own the Tantrick and Flirties range and distribute the berins range so you might want to say hi to them while you are in the area xxx
    Hi Cec, thanks for the msg, I've looked at you L+P, they are ten times as good as mine, and I've been doing it 6 months now. Imagine how good you could be in 6 months! If you ever want to meet up (if you ever get near here!), you could practise your L+p on me!!
    Hi there hun, nice to hear from you.

    I will be starting work in Tracey's (Sparklybits) salon on the 24th March, am so excited I can hardly sit still for 5 minutes.

    I do my final test and practical tomorrow, am using my daughter as my model so will probably have to buy her a nice present for helping me out.

    Have been studying like crazy and am off to do some more in a little bit. I do know it, but I tend to go over things a million times just to make sure.

    Tracey is also my educator as I am learning her system, Young Nails, so I must have done something right if she wants me to work for her too.

    I will let you know how I get on.

    Trish xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    Aw its lovely to feel that excitment and buzz isnt it, I doubt you will remember but I met you at the Geek meet at Olympia last year. Just a quick hello tho. Hope to meet you again soon....x
    thats great.
    i can do anything in terms of nail art and imaginative work, but the accuracy involved in competition pink and whites is not my strongest subject. i'd like to learn.
    I wouldnt worry about the long flight im sure the experience you will gain will more than make up for the flight xxxx
    You will be fine hun, take a class and plenty of practise and you will need some more shelves for all the trophies xxx
    I totally think you should take a class...nothing ventured..nothing gained??
    If the smell annoys you wear a mask mate but you do actually get used to it...I don't notice it anymore tbh..is that good or bad ? lol x
    Congratulations Cec! Well done and very well deserved. It was great to see you at the show xxx
    darling, i cant even remember what i gave you rep for, but i'm sure it was well deserved !
    and you deserve even more for your fabulous gel nails winning the competition !
    huge congratulations.
    Gratulerer med fine resultater. Slikt gir selvtillit og motivasjon til å stå på videre og det må vi hvis vi skal heve nivået her hjemme.
    Å, tusen takk for det Cec, det BETYR mye for meg at folk syns godt om den jobben jeg gjorde den dagen. Har ikke plassert meg så høyt i proff-klassen før, så det var en liten seier for meg, men selvsagt var det litt surt å ikke stå helt på toppen i år, i hvert fall når Ellen ga meg SÅ lav score i forhold til de andre to dommerene og det bare var 7 opp til 1. plassen. Men men, godt fornøyd. Du kom deg nesten på pallen du også så jeg. Vi får gi alt neste år :)*
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