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  • I would have cried too, such a proud moment like that deserves tears and shows how proud you are, your trophy is beautiful xxxx
    Not this year hunny, I'm flying over with my son from 7th-14th March for his army interviews and selection/assessment, fingers crossed he gets through to do his chosen career.
    Good luck at Excel if you're competing, and have fun :hug: xxx
    Hi Cec,
    I'm currently working as a mobile nail technician in England specialising in Calgel & am looking to emigrate to Norway and work as a nail technician over there but was wondering if you had any advice or experience with nails as a whole or Calgel in Norway that you could give me? I don't believe Calgel is in Norway yet - from my research but I may be wrong? I also have found out that there are not half as many nail salons in Norway as in England. Do you work from a salon or mobile and what nail systems do you offer?
    Do you think if I took Calgel to Norway and offered it as a mobile tretament it would get much success? I will be moving to Sandnes near Stavanger. Any advice appreciated. Thanks
    Well, it's LOTS of snow here now, but I think it's the same over in UK? I prefer being in Norway in spring/summer... :)
    Just had a look at the cruise she is on, it looks amazing, you live in a very beautiful part of the world xxx
    Thanks hun, my mum has gone to Norway, Bergen, today to go on a cruise to see the Northern Lights xxx
    Yes I am going to excel not competing though. Having a few family problems. xxx
    Hey hunny - It is not about how long you have been doing comps, it is about how well you perform. You did great at the NEC and you are doing us proud by just entering. The trophy is the cherry on top. Fingers crossed xxxx
    Hi thanks for your critique! The side view in my album, I admit they are too thick-I did one hand tipped and one hand sculpted for practise and the sculpted hand was waaaay thicker than the tipped - jut something I need to work on! And my smiles of course! Thanks!
    Jada, det finnes sikkert mange vinklinge i fra konkurranse til konkurranse, men alle er enten salongnegl-"basert" eller competition- "basert". Rundt i verden finner man begge vinklinger.
    Hanne og Ellen er dommere.
    Som jeg sa så er det to typer konkurransenegl- regler. Begge oversiktene ligger på pronails sidene. Ja ring Hanne så forklarer hun deg det.
    Ja det kan jeg forstå. Det er to typer konkurransestil. En salongnegl er "kredittkort-tykk" på frikanten, en konkurransenegl er "visittkort- tykk". En salongnegle har forholdet 1del hvit til 2 deler rosa, en konk negl er 50-50 osv. Endel slike små forskjeller. Ta med deg konk. kurset i januar (hvis det blir, da) Ellers syns eg du skal ringe Hanne. Hun har kontroll på de store forsjellene i reglementene (så jeg ikke ubevisst saboterer deg!):)
    Hi Cec, sorry I'm only replying just now, we've been away to North Wales, and only just got your message. Looking forward to the next comp!
    Oi, planlegging er alt. Greit å ha oversikt over hva en har og ikke har før i siste liten. Det ordner seg nok.
    Mine is glass LOL! I do think they need to improve on the Winners trophies to reflect the achievement xxx
    Are you going to The Event Cec? I know I probably asked you but couldn't remember. Oh I wish I was going. They're all getting their glad rags ready. I feel like Cinderella that isn't going to the ball lol! xx
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