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    Gelish Polygel alternative

    Hello We all understand you have Venalisa but wy not telling us what you think . of it please please????
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    IBD Power Bond leaves nails shiny?

    Hello this sounds great to me. Can you list the steps please. Can you skip buffing the nail please?
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    The best gel base and top coat?

    Hello With all my respect, you can mix brands as when you use a differentrent brand Base coat from the colour or or builder gels, it has nothing to do as I do it all the time. More than that, I use a lot of CND Brisa light Base coat ond other products of the same range and have encountered...
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    Desk light for gel polish manicure?

    What is the reference please? is the brand Daylight?
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    Recommendations on Polygel/Acrygel?

    Can you kindly say if you are happy or please with naio nails please?
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    Can you mix acrylic powder with gel?

    I have mixed it and do it sometimes. I learned it in a crush course I took in Colombia.
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    Gel Bottle question

    I always suggest to be patient. Nobody is perfect. They are still very small and so good that they can not cope. They will improve. We must order welk in advance which is what I do, I order well befre something is . finished.
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    Shellac or alternative gel polish brand?

    Hello. Which brand is the Bond Aide please?
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    What is exactly Opinailove please? How does it work?

    What is exactly Opinailove please? How does it work?
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    Best sculpting forms - gel?

    Sorry. Clear are not better than the others as the fingers are not clear!
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    Best sculpting forms - gel?

    Sorry. Not true as the fingers are not transparent or clear
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    Best gel system

    Where are you? if in London I can find a model for you.
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    The Gel Bottle not curing properly

    Hello Itis not the brand of the lamp what matters. It is its wattage. 48 is the most powerful. If only one client has come back, something is odd with her. I do wipe also underneath. I would do on this client, fast underneath cure of 15 seconds.
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    The GelBottle Inc feedback?

    Here is thelink: Can they be applied without buffing the natural nail? I just ordered my first bottles. I am so excited.
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    Gel Bottle inc?

    Thanks dear. I knew I posted it in the wrong thread but you answered. I am so grateful! xx