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  • ok your on about Matrix Color Graphics? it's not classed as a bleach more a 3 step lightning process, choice of 6 high colour pigmented and fragranced pigments, 3 for cool 2 for warm and 1 for neutral, green pigment you use for bases 1-6 blue for bases 7-8 and purple for bases 9-10

    Mocha enhances neutral tones, banana is enhances golden tones, and strawberry enhances red tones.

    you can use either pr0moter 8 for 1-4 leveles lift or promoter 22 for 3-6 levels lift, they can be mixed together to make promoter 15 which is 2-5 levels lift :) you mix it 2 scoops powder, 2 scoops promoter and 1 scoop pigment and develop with out heat for upto 50mins or with heat 2-10 mins
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