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  • Aww thas brill, nope gota wait til pay day to get my kit, im going ad haha just want to get started, stil waiting for my leaflets to come, gonna put the in shops and stuff i think x
    well done on doing the party! first ones probably the worst!

    Yeh i bought the Truespray kit which has the t200 machine, from what i have seen i like it, i saw the busy bronzer machine on my training and it looked too big for mobile so i am glad i didnt get that and i only have a tiny car! what do you have? u'll probably say the busy bronzer! lol

    have u seen how much the fans are lol, like the small one is £290 i think! was their solution everywhere then? i have got a couple of friends to do but only charging them 5-10 quid just to practice but loads have people have said how healthy i look and how un-orange it is. they all seemed to of been put off by spray tans by these stupid girls that have too much spray tan on!!
    hey, how was the tanning party? i did my training monday, it was fab - i just cant wait to get going now. I am going to try and do ten practice bods for £5 each and then if they are ok get out their and do loads of marketing! xx
    ive ordered leaflets off vistaprint just with my offer for 12.50 between 5th sept- 20th so am waiting for them to come now xx
    17.50 i going to charge, but gonna do an offer for the 1st 2 weeks for 12.50, just to try and pull some clients in. think im gonna do same as you for parties, 15 for each tan, host goes free, aww i think im coming down with swine flu :-( so have all your tans turned out ok? x
    LOL Thanks so much for that HUAGE message!

    Well my training starts at 1030am so hopefully they will organise it a bit better!

    i emailed sienna x and asked if i needed my gun and Fiona emailed me back and said take the gun just so they can show u how to put it together etc. The bit i am nervous about is taking my kit off cuz i had a baby 9.5 weeks ago and i have alot of stretch marks on my tum :( Im worried all the other girls are gunna be like supermodels! Do you work in an office in the day? xx
    hey i got my training on monday - cant wait! so what happened during the day? how much practical was there?
    good luck for friday, i am so worried i wont get any business! have u done much marketing? x
    awww god im so glad it turned out ok, how have you found it doin other people? nah going to order my kit at end of month when i get paid, are yo doin an offer on friday? xx
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