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    What to do when I haven’t been paid?

    I'm no expert on this but here is the link to Citizens advice:
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    New website - comments

    I really like your colour scheme and the consistent sea shore theme that runs through everything. Yes, the logo on the home page needs to be made bigger. I would add another £2 to your standard and luxury hand treatments Massage prices - about right i'd say Kaeso facials - you should go higher...
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    Polishing men's toes during a pedicure: do you offer it & would you charge more than for a female?

    I offer a range of pedicures at different price levels. My price list states that if no polish required, deduct £2. I make no difference between men, women or children
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    Facial products

    Ultimately, make sure you try the products you are considering on yourself and friends . The most expensive brands aren't always the best or most popular with your clients. P.s. I sell far more kaeso retail than the more expensive Crystal Clear products.
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    Usually Diamond Designs but sometimes Simon Jersey who are cheaper.
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    Newly qualified, practice on friends

    If I'm practising to get the hang of new products I just do close family for free. They are very honest with feedback too! When it comes to family having normal treatments I give them 20% off treatments and retail items. By close family I mean Mum, sisters & nieces. Friends I charge full price.
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    Beauty salon interview

    If in doubt always go wearing your pristine salon uniform. Your hair, nails and make up should also be perfect but not over the top. Good luck
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    Massage pain

    I'm into my fifties now and I wouldn't book more than 2 a day for myself these days. When I was in my 20's & 30's though, I could do 3 full body massages in a row before I felt the affects. Fortunately, I do I wide range of services so it's easy to mix up treatment types through the day so my...
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    Photos from previous work

    If she has always been self employed then the photos of her work belong to her surely. Had she been employed at the previous salon then the photos belong to that salon but this is not the case here. would it be cheeky of me to suggest blocking the previous salon owner and others that worked...
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    Age restrictions

    I won't do shellac polish on anyone under 16 but I know lots of places do. I would not be insured but more important is the fact that their nails are still soft & bendy so they probably won't stay on, they fiddle and pick & potentially there could be allergy risks ahead for them. Recently I...
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    Pedi products for very dry feet?

    By the way there is a special offer price on the callus peel starter kit at the mo! [emoji106]
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    At what point do you block clients?

    I would have blocked her long ago! It probably isn't malicious or personal, some people just don't cope well with day to day stuff.
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    Client base buying help

    Ooo no, don't go there. As Haircutz says, I doubt she can legally pass on their details without consent from each individual client. The list may have 900 clients on it but I bet only about 300 or less are actually active clients. People talk about selling the 'goodwill' of a business and...
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    Pedi products for very dry feet?

    Callus Peel treatments from beauty select are very good [emoji4]
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    Facial products

    I use Crystal Clear and Kaeso - both are excellent and fulfil different skin needs. Personally I have never liked Dermalogica when I used it in the past - too many people reacted to it and the price was expensive. Having said that lots of salons stock it (perhaps because it is used a lot in...