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    Music in the salon?

    I use an iphone connected to my cd player speakers. this way I can adjust the volume easily and set up play lists that last for a few hours
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    VTCT courses (East Sussex college) withholding certificates

    Hi, Before certificates can be issued, students work has to be checked - firstly by your college tutor, then by college internal verifier and then by an external verifier from VTCT. VTCT External Verification days only happen twice a year usually - once around February to check students are...
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    Self employed pension

    I went to an independent advisor for my private pension. However that was back in 1992 where as now you can research everything on line to help your decision. You should start a pension before age 30 so that you have enough years to get a good amount in the pot.
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    Torch light on head

    Your client might look a little bewildered at a torch on your head! The glasses with light are for consistent close up work such as electrolysis so I think you might find it difficult focusing on the client and then back to the wax pot every minute. Perhaps investigate ways of improving the...
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    CND Shellac starter kit

    who / where is advertising this kit? I only buy from Sweet squared or Ellisons as they are the only UK suppliers. Don't trust anyone else. In your photo the light is UV and discontinued and the polishes are in the old style packaging. This is the current start up kit from Sweet Squared:
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    Scrub Fresh replacement?

    As far as I understand, CND scrub fresh is a degreaser to remove oils from the nail before applying the gel polish base coat. It contains acetone. You would have to look at the ingredients list for both products for a proper comparison but I doubt a sanitising spray has acetone in it...
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    CND lamp

    Yes, these are the only 2 authorised suppliers for the UK so don't be tempted to buy from anywhere else.
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    CND lamp

    You can only buy them from Sweet Squared or Ellisons in the UK and they will always be the same price. No discounts to be had!
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    Which regular manicure products are you using?

    My clients really like the kaeso products- great smells and gentle on the skin. For regular polish I mainly use cnd Vinylux but also some Creative Play and Orly.
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    Wedding hair no show

    Yes, I think Haircutz has it right here.
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    Service provided but then forgot payment

    I don't have an answer for you but something similar happened to me years ago..... A lady came for regular acrylic nail services for a few months. We had her details and she would talk about her job at a local care home. Always paid cash but then one day paid by cheque... no problem until it was...
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    How long do you allow for a gel appointment?

    If you are just starting up and looking to gain regular clients then you have the space in your appointment book to allow 90 mins for each gel polish manicure. This allows plenty of time to remove old gel and apply a new set without getting stressed watching the clock. While the old gel is...
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    Good idea to go for VTCT beauty therapist course rather than NVQ?

    NVQ is a type of qualification VTCT is an awarding body. City & guilds & ITEC are also examples of awarding bodies. So you could be on an apprenticeship nvq level 2 and your certificate at the end will be awarded by vtct , for example.
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    Million dollar facial

    A salon near me in Somerset is now doing this treatment and advertising it at a promotional price of £70. No idea if they are are getting any takers at that price though... still very expensive for our area.
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    Air conditioning or Dyson fan in log cabin!

    Igenix air cooler from Amazon- add iced water and it blows cold around the room