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    Callus peel

    Gosh, that is a bad case. She's probably got other medical issues going on too I'd guess. Feet don't generally get that bad without reason. As you haven't met or done any treatments on her yet, I think I would suggest that you invite her in for a normal pedicure (that includes soaking &...
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    Callus peel

    Yes, callus peel works really well on cracked / hard heels. After you have scraped off the product, make sure you spray with water & buff good and hard, then repeat several times until all the hard skin is gone. Lie the client on their front for this.
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    Washing machine

    I have always bought cheap and cheerful basic washing machines - they seem to last as long as the more expensive brands. It's not worth paying for someone to fix a machine these days. Often we can mend little things ourselves on it anyway. Unfortunately we live in a throw away society but if you...
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    Shellac Luxe, 2 months on - reviews please!

    So now we are a couple of months on from when the new Shellac luxe system was launched, how are people finding it? Does it stay on well / better? Any chipping or lifting? Is the removal as quick as they say? How many coats are needed to give complete coverage? Very interested to hear what...
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    Help and advice needed for opening a new massage studio

    As Tinker says above, it varies with different therapists, as to how many towels of what size they like to use. You will probably need thin and thick blankets too depending of the season. If you are going to employ someone then I would wait until you have this person appointed and then you can...
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    Best electrolysis machine

    Personally I'd recommend the sterex blend unit. I've used various brands over the years and this gives the client the best results with minimal discomfort or redness
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    UK Callus peel

    You could try putting the peel lotion into a plastic pot a while before you do the treatment. This lets the air dissipate the fragrance. The wiff doesn't put me off using the products though and your client won't notice as their nose is much further away from their feet than yours! [emoji3]
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    Help and advice needed for opening a new massage studio

    Which massage qualification did you complete as this should have covered most of your questions? If you use a wholesaler such as Ellisons, beauty express or other, you'll find a wide range of different quality towels. For massage you'll need the fluffiest! These suppliers also stock different...
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    Tint brows how long after waxing

    That's an unusual request as you say. Normally clients have tint & wax done in the same session (if only to save some pennies and not to travel twice!). But if she can't be swayed then yes, I think 3 days in between will be fine. You could always put some vaseline over the areas you waxed to be...
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    A client won't leave me alone!

    If the client can't control how many times she makes contact then you always have the option to decline your services, especially as you have tried to reduce the 'harrassment' ('stalking' ???). My suggestion would be to block every method by which she contacts you - FB, email, twitter, phone...
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    Attempted card fraud

    Well done for following your instinct on this one. It's a good reminder to us all to be on our toes... :)
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    Wax complaint

    If that photo is the only evidence she is supplying to support her claim then I don't think you need worry. Even assuming it was from the waxing then it is only superficial grazing. Standard home care advice about continuing to apply an antiseptic soothing lotion covers you here I think. Yes it...
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    CND pricing help

    I'm about average for my location here in the south west of the UK. I charge £24 for a standard shellac manicure or pedicure. Nail art is extra £3 - £6 Any extras such as soaking, luxury treatments etc are extra too. So for a luxury shellac pedicure with a standard colour it's £30. I have had a...
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    Rose gold Lecente glitter

    2 coats of shellac Cocoa under lecente rose gold glitter looks great. To be honest though, the glitter gives full coverage so you can use any slightly brown colour underneath. Perhaps you have an unpopular one you could use up?
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    Hairdressing & alcohol

    As someone said above, it depends on the demographics of your clients as to whether it's worth offering alcohol to clients. For me in a rural location, most of them drive so wouldn't partake and my other elderly ladies just don't really drink anymore. If you are the sort of spa salon / retreat...