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    Is electrolysis still popular?

    I offer blend epilation and had enough new business from it to pay for the machine in six months. These are very regular clients now and most have other treatments too. Make sure you advertise the service well at the start .
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    Please help advice needed, weak nails and CND Shellac

    You could try the new Smooth It from lecente. Apply base, then smooth it, then colour coats and original top coat. It's certainly working to make my nails much stronger
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    Training, do I have to?

    Yes, you should attend the training because if you are using the products in the salon with no-one else appropriately trained to support you, the salon would not be carrying out the treatments correctly. Perhaps have a more in depth discussion with your boss about the product ranges you will...
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    Salon System roller wax

    Perhaps it's a faulty batch? The company should take it back and test it themselves really.
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    Website or social media

    I think you need both really. Website for providing lots of information about yourself, your services, location, policies etc - available 24/7 to anyone searching on line and to provide more detail than a FB page. FB page - I see more for up to the minute information such as new products...
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    Salon System roller wax

    I can't think of another reason. The wax should hot enough to be runny and flow through the roller head smoothly. Perhaps you have a faulty heater? Return it to your supplier as not fit for purpose.
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    Salon System roller wax

    I have the clean + easy roller system and I would always give it an hour minimum to heat up. For normal daily use I put it on 2 hours before the first client which ensures the temperature has evenly settled. Set the correct using temperature and leave it to heat up - don't put it on high to...
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    Salon trolley

    Perhaps for the moment just keep your nail equipment in a trolley case until you know which way you're going to go. Wax pots can be transported in a plastic box safely.
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    Home insurance when working from home

    just thought I'd update my earlier post in case anyone looks at this thread. October 2018: Midas will not renew my policy this year (not for any reason on my part) so i have spent an entire afternoon trying to hunt down house & contents insurance that allows home based working. So hard and so...
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    Salon trolley

    Is this for mobile visits or to permanently set up in a room? I have a very similar manicure table to the one in your photo. I have a free standing bookshelf along the wall on my right hand side, where I put all my colours (in acrylic display stands), bottles, tools etc
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    Closing business advice

    How much is your insurance per year and how much would she pay you per set?
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    Absolute newbie over here!

    Check out your local college for nail courses. This would ensure you get a recognised qualification in mani, pedi, gel & be able to get insurance. Once you have done this, go on a product specific training day / week to learn about the exact brand you are going to use.
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    Same name as another business, not in this country and has no trademark here. Is that acceptable?

    I don't know if this is of any use to you but you can search for available web addresses on here: and then you can pay to make it yours only.
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    Beauty therapists timing and treatments

    Clients take different amounts of time even if they are having the same treatment. You also have to allow for those that regularly arrive early or late. This is where knowing your clients is so valuable to running an accurate and smooth daily schedule. This is also why I'll never use an on line...
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    How much for retail Vinylux polish?

    Vinylux Colour polish £10.95 Vinylux top coat £10.95