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    Old timers?

    30 years qualified in beauty for me!
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    Skin care starter kit?

    Kaeso do some good start up kits. Ellisons sell them but there are other stockists too.
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    Newbie 1 day training?

    Have you checked that your certificate from this day course is actually recognised for insurance? Your instincts that you should put more time into your training is probably correct. One day, I think, is no where near enough to equip you with the skills to work commercially. If you compare...
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    Candy Coat gel nail polish

    If I understand the Candy Coat website correctly, the public can buy the gel polishes themselves? Why would any salon want to use this range if that is the case, it would be like me doing facials with Boots No7 products.....!! A salon local to me does use candy coat so I have removed few sets...
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    Newbie 1 day training?

    Is this the only training you have completed for nail services or did you do a level 1, 2 or 3 in nails before attending this one day of training?
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    Protein Bond under Shellac - do you charge extra?

    As Trinity says above, Protein bond is not used on all your clients so it's not something you'd charge extra for. It's such a quick application, your clients won't even notice you've used it. Protein bond doesn't add to removal time at all in my experience of using it. Decide on your standard...
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    Callus Peel

    I apply callus peel to dry skin, cover in plastic & wrap to keep warm. If you leave the toes exposed you can carry on cutting and filing the nails and do the cuticles during the time. Once the peel has been on for the required time, remove the product, lie client on their front and buff off all...
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    Cancellation policy - advice

    I have a cancellation policy in place and hand a copy out inside my brochure to every new client and with every updated price list. It is also clearly stated in my treatment room, on my website and Facebook page. I think just having one makes people think twice before they muck you about. In...
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    Level 3 or units & courses

    I would suggest you stay at college ad get as many units and A&P under your belt in one go. It is much more time efficient for you because the units will overlap on knowledge and practical skills. Even if you don't plan to practice the other units immediately, you never know where the future...
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    Mobile therapists

    You should introduce a minimum spend per visit. This way they won't just have a mini treatment which isn't worth your time doing. As above - just do certain towns on specific days. You could give out a calendar stating where you will be on what date, this way you could vary the day you visit a...
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    Are spray tans dying out?

    With so many products available to buy off the supermarket shelf it's not surprising if demand is less. Even I can get pretty good results with an aerosol can of tan from Asda!
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    Best roller wax system for mobile therapist

    I've used about 4 different roller systems over my 30 years of waxing and Clean + easy has the best, most reliable wax & equipment. There is a knack to how you work with the system but I think you get the dvd with the starter kit. How you remove the wax is exactly the same as you would as if you...
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    New salon owner insurance

    If you don't own the building then you only have to insure your contents and carry professional indemnity. It is the owner's responsibility to insure the actual building against fire, subsidence, flood etc etc. Your self-employed staff should be responsible for providing their own professional...
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    How do you do your cash banking?

    What level of cash holding are we talking about per week? Hundreds or thousands? Check your home insurance policy. Most cover a certain level of cash held at your house. Apart from taking cards, you can get clients to pay directly into your bank account. This reduces cash held.
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    Roller wax for brows?

    Ellisons are one of the wholesalers who stock clean + easy products