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    Lava shell charger purchases

    I emailed SBS today about Ellisons not selling lava shell products and asked if another wholesalers will be selling it and their reply said that to buy direct from them. So I guess there'll be no one else selling it ☹️
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    Is there a guarantee to how long polish lasts?

    Sounds like your client probably knocked her toe. (What sane client would text their therapist in the middle of their holiday???!!!! That's not normal!) Anyway, cnd say that Vinylux is a 7 day plus polish. However, I've been using Vinylux on toes for several years now and I find it stays on...
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    Do you prefer advertising % off or £ off?

    If I am offering money off on a course of facials, I state a % off and show the reduced fee. This way I can keep the same % discount each year but by raising the basic full price, I can still implement a price rise. However for my seasonal / monthly offers, I don't say % off or £'s off as it...
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    They all sell well, especially the kits because they are such a great price. As it's not a very...

    They all sell well, especially the kits because they are such a great price. As it's not a very big range, it's not too expensive to just keep one of each product in stock for retail.
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    Vinylux making nails peel?

    CND improved the formula of Vinylux last year. The polishes now have more conditioning ingredients in them. Their website would have the full details. From using the new ones myself, I would say that they apply better and the new top coat certainly comes off quicker
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    Massage setup

    I use a square of fleece for where the forehead goes. This reduces the creases on their face when finished . Easy to wash too
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    Working from home

    Agree with Beautiful-you above. Have you checked out your position on planning permission from your local council?
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    Don't know which board to choose?

    Both, definitely.
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    Mobile hairdressers taking baby with them?

    The problem is...the clients might say how lovely, lovely it is to see the baby.....but actually if you turn up with child, what else can they say.....they may just be very polite..... I have 2 sons - both now grown up, I love MY babies, but to be honest when staff came in with their new babies...
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    Vinylux making nails peel?

    Try using the CND ridge fx as a base coat
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    Oil staining

    The oil should come out on a normal wash at 60 degrees. If not, try spraying the oil patches with vanish spray or similar before putting it in the machine. (I'm assuming that you are covering the couch cover with towels and these are just patches soaking through?)
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    Am I too old?

    There are a great many clients out there who prefer a mature therapist. If I had a pound for every client who said they came to me because they didn't want a young girl ............(obviously I must look way over the hill :rolleyes: o_O )
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    PHD waxing

    The heater has changed a bit over the years but they now offer a really wide range of wax types & ingredients. Pots of wax haven't changed either really over the decades Basically something sticky attaches to hair and then it gets removed - Blame the Ancient civilisations for starting it all!! :p
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    VAT question

    You can be shareholders in a limited company. This way you pay yourself a dividend rather than wages. The dividend is based on profits each year (but leaving enough money in the business for cash flow). I can't see a reason why you could not pay yourselves a dividend each month if you choose...
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    Meeting boyfriend's parents?

    Perhaps take a modest bunch of flowers for his mum - especially if you think they might pick up the bill for lunch :)