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  • hi i am looking for therapist one definate day a week poss two or three days,i am located in leigh on sea let me know if this interests you
    Yes i have had a lot to do since i finished my training. I haven´t done any advertising really, once you do someone who has a lot of friends and they are happy with their pmu it starts to roll by itself. i thought with the credit crunch it would have been hard to come by customers but they have been flowing in on a regular base. i should knock on wood now so i don´t jinx myself here lol ;)
    I trained with a belgium company called elegance cosmetics. they are sub. distrubutors/ educators for a big dutch company called ecuri cosmetics. there is one sub. educator in the uk aswell called smudge free. I knew their equipment and training was really good and that they offer good support afterwards. I am very happy that i chose them
    I was so nervous aswell in the beginning with my first few customers...OMG! but this passes when you become more confident though. :D
    can you email your cv to for inclusion on the freelance list. Also, we are recruiting for White City at the moment, is this something you would be interested in?
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