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  • I've just seen below that you asked about Midland training. I'm in Kidderminster either next month or January. Let me know if you're interested. xx
    Hi doll. Your PM box is full.

    I have two venues offering me to rent. It will probably be October or November. Do me a favour Anne? I'm in Wales training at the moment. Can you email me to remind me about the Midlands training?

    What course/s you intested in? xxx
    Hiya Champagne,

    Not sure if you have had your first iontophoresis appointment yet. I have been having this treatment for underarm sweating for about three weeks now. I am now having once weekly appointments and it is AMAZING. I have almost no underarm sweating at all and I have been wearing vest tops daily for the last 15 years because I have always been paranoid about sweat patches obn my clothes. I hope your treatment is as successful as mine appears to be so far. good luck. Sarah. xxx
    You my dear are a very smart lady! I really hope this opportunity works out for you, you so deserve it! xx
    Hi there

    Thanks for the rep you left me a while back (using blu tack fingers), just saw it sorry for the delay!

    anne xx
    Just read your post on suzies blog im so sorry to hear things are not so good for you at the moment :hug:
    Top Tech Newcomer. Phoned today to register and was half hoping there would be no spaces left! xx
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