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  • hi how are you, i totally forgot my password for all this time lol hope your ok? i see your doing really well, take it your really enjoying this career then? the rooms look lovely. im actually re training as of next year :) still always gonna do my private clients but just had enough working for a salon, planning on opening my own hair and beauty salon in the next few years. so any advice is very welcome
    hope too speak soon
    Rachelle x
    Hi there, I have just read your story (posted 10-08-08).
    I found it very encouraging and I too know that I have made the right choice to do this.
    Thank you Champane!
    ...well I sincerely hope you have continuous success!!

    Sara .x.
    Ah... I couldnt think of anyone in your neck of the woods that would know me... but its a small world isnt it so you never can tell.... hehe!
    glad things are going well. Last time you updated you were worried about tax credits as your partner had just been laid off then you sort of disappeared.
    Its great to see you back, and keep asking those questions!!! must be nail ???? as I haven't seen you on the forums.
    how are YOU??????? How's the biz going? Last time I heard from you, you were about to get the keys.........! Need an update girly! xxx
    Thanks for the rep - Looks like no choice other than level 2 then 3. :cry:. Will have to get saving again.
    We haven't spoken but just going through an old thread and wanted to wish you well in your new venture. Hope its going well for you.
    i wish i was but cant, i'd seen your thread i'd have gone with you but cant get time off. You should go mate it will be fab! amb x
    Oh go for it!!! You really have done so well it's warming the cockles of my heart!! xx
    Still waiting for the baby.....you don't think I'd not be shouting it out on here do you? LOL
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