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  • i think i am in love with the products!!!!

    well maybe a geek meet where people can ask questions and swap tips and have a play if they bring there products along x
    hey love was just thinking today.....maybe we should do a milton keynes geek meet with a twist???
    Hi Ive resently taken on a new system from south africa called go-gel. After years of using calgel and bio. Im luvin it.....anyone else had a go???
    Its loads cheaper and Its from Gaynor who used to do sell bio......Shes really freindly and was really helpful. She gave me great service and is lovely. I want her to do well she deserves it! good old fashion service!!
    anyone else got any views??
    Congrats for tomorrow I know you will do fab, will pop in and see you at the end of the month when I pop into Ellisons'
    Thank you for what you wrote on my's lovely and I am going to do my best to sort it all out XXXXX :hug:
    pmsl i am having a day off tomorrow haven't seen my child in like months think she may have forgotten what i look like lol

    i am off to bed in a mo once i have reply'd to all my pm's sitting in my inbox lol.....

    atleast if he does go for a divorce you can work at the salon more pmsl
    stop it my sides are hurting i can't take anymore....oh i clicked on it but it went to email...dame it pmsl
    lee think i'm crackers...i am crying with laughter!!!

    No bribery need i off to take a long hard look at myself in the mirror, give myself a few slaps round the face and i will bring my A game on sunday lol
    pmsl yes miss thankyou miss 3 bags full miss......god the pressure it getting to me..head rush lol
    oh pmsl.....i came 2nd at the scotland photographic thought you meant that one lol sorry off on one.....i think i didn't focus on the nails enought for the birmingham one, my 1960's phot is in my comp gallery xx
    what my 1960's one...i love that pic, i haven't see the photo that won yet or got my score sheet back so i can't see why i didn't yet? xx
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