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    Anyone watching "How Not To Get Old"?

    Yessss I thought I was going crazy too ....
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    Hello strangers

    Oooh its been an age, hi to all my friendly geeks ....what have I missed? X
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    Shellac Attack.....

    Now that will teach me for not keeping up with the SG goings on !!! Damm !
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    I want to train as a Beautician

    I was 38/39 (i think) lol when i started out... I completed my CND foundation & Brisa. CND Spa Mani & Pedi Then went on to complete Tanning with Couture. I went to Pinks Academy to wax. I then rented a room for a year, then moved into my own salon which is now in its second year &...
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    Acrylic brush sizes and recommendations

    Im a CND girl but......I used to be a serial brush killer (back in the day) mostly when doing my own nails & working too wet lol I have bought a few expensive brushes but one day i bought a cheapo (spare) from the wholesalers and it has been the best brush i have ever used. It really is...
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    Why aren't they taking me seriously

    Awww such a shame when people needlessly waste good money on nail training... I searched and searched before my cash left my purse.... Talking of which i want to return to training just for a rest, I think my training was too good lol If you are looking into nail training its very easy to...
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    Tesco announces major plans to move into salon market

    Every Little Helps !!! I have seen this in tescos .... a little desk with a list of treatments bang in the middle of the shop floor, very hygienic !!! I hope they will at least provide a treatment room .... It wont impact any ones business, your clients love you because they enjoy...
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    Smudged polish - unhappy client

    Isnt it about time that someone invented a dry now top coat ..... even those offering quick dry top coats/glazes dont really dry quick enough. I dont really have problems with drying (athough if clients do come back I will put right): cnd sticky base, 2 thin coats cnd, cnd super shiny/air...
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    Self employed or salon employed?

    Depends how much money you need and how soon. Can you allow time to build a clientelle? If you can then go for it...I went SE straight away and got my own salon within 3 months, its possible but hard work x
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    Self Assessment - tax deductables from previous years!

    I might be wrong but you can only enter reciepts from a certain amount of time ... check with the local tax office
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    What do I need to start doing nail art?

    lol ,,,,,, i think nail art is a personal thing really and i think if you gather all the bits n bobs you need you can pretty much learn as you go. There are much cheaper alternatives whereby you can do a day nail art course at local academys. The online tutorials are great to follow or you...
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    Clients wanting refund

    If she noticed a problem straight after application why didnt she leave fully satisfied????.....sometimes (and only sometimes) we have to give the client what they want even if we dont think it looks right. I think she did more or less say at the time she wasnt happy from the way i read it...
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    What do I need to start doing nail art?

    £2XX for a nail art course ???? My lord what on earth do they teach you to do on this course ?
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    Renting a salon for two days a week. i have a salon that i want to rent out 2/3 days a week....sorry about that x
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    Do I contact client

    I would just ring her and speak to her, ask her if shes ok and if theres a problem maybe you can work it out between you.....the financial subject is tricky but you can get around this in other ways ..... maybe 3 weekly would be better for her or a less expensive treatment for the time being...