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    I know I've done the right thing but I need help with the right tools

    Check this out Hive of Beauty - Spray Paraffin Therapy
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    Michael Jackson has Died?

    We have lost a world class musical genius I can't believe he is gone but never ever forgotten
  3. chantell simone many do you have?

    I have a little girl aged 9 and I don't want anymore But at the same time I will never say never, maybe one day my feelings may change
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    MY Story! Don't get conned with bogus training.

    Sorry to hear about your bad experience Some people are just crooks! I am glad you are getting it sorted now
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    Can the odour/acrylic vapours harm you long term?

    I totally agree with this :!:
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    Who's top dog in your house ?

    I am the boss in my house! But then it is only me and my 9 year old daughter.
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    Weight Watchers No Count Diet

    Well done you :hug:
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    Hollywood Toes

    try Home - Nail Systems International (UK)
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    Sick day.....rebate?

    I agree.
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    Tried to do something right :(

    I would say you need to get a second opinion on this, it doesn't right at all to me. And yes like its been said already you did do the right thing :hug:
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    Completed a Brisa Gel course

    Its great to hear you enjoyed your course. Well done
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    Logo - Feedback

    I like 1, 4 and 7
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    I can just about get the hang of Facebook! I am not quite ready to get to know Twitter as well
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    Waxing Suppliers

    I am using Oritree wax and a Babyliss wax heater at the moment. Both are available from Sallys.
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    Move over Beyonce! Great Friday afternoon laugh!

    Hey you have to give it him, he has some moves!