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  • Hi Charlotte, wonder if you can help me. From your posts I see you use Elemis but wondering if you have a shower in your salon?
    I called Elemis and told them we havent got a shower but we have two treatments room and the lady sad is fine but wonder how do you do the body treatment without the shower? Can you remove the scrub with heated mitts or are they now allowed you to take just the facial range?
    Thank you xx
    I think the make-up at college can be quite basic - luckily our college was very make-up focused so we did a fair bit of theatrical and we had to do a make-up after every facial session - with contouring and highlighting and shading - I didn't appreciate it at the time but I do now. Tbh - I don't know anywhere that does short courses - although carlton may do them in durham or saks academy.
    But I do alot of bridal and prom make-ups now - so I could def show you my techniques if I get it going,
    If you don't get sorted in a few months and still interested - give me a shout and I will see if I am any further on. My course is accredited by the guild but like I say - never got round to getting started.
    Hi there,
    tbh - I never got round to getting it started up - as I selfishly had another baby instead (LOL) but I may get something sorted soon - little boy is 2 now so maybe think about it starting it up soon.
    Just out of curiousity - what sort of things would you like a course to cover?
    Two weeks and the client is back but clients are very impressed with it as am I.the shine lasts and it's really easy to get off...soaking for 15mins job done!I'm going to hav a look at gelish be interested to see thanks hoe ur help too!!

    Thanks for that. You will not be disappointed with Gelish, it is fantastic stuff easy to apply, lovely colours and great shine that lasts. More expensive than Polish Pro though. One great product is the structure gel which is great for repairs and adding more strength (but not extensions really). Customer service is great, mind you never had a problem with NSI. Does the Polish Pro last well & the shine? Most of my Gelish clients have 3 weekly appointments. Join the Gelish group and have a look at the fab photosx
    Hello. Hope you dont mind me asking you about Polish Pro. I currently use NSI gels and acrylics and am thinking of purchasing Polish Pro. I use Gelish at the moment which is fabulous. How have you found Polish Pro, ease of application, shine, how long they last etc. Any advice good or bad would be appreciated. x
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