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    New Ikon IQ gels and lamp for sale

    I am selling Ikoniq Prima gels that were bought in March this year. All have been swatched but not used apart from that. Lamp included. Cost over £600 Hypoallergenic and mostly 1 coat coverage, very pigmented and cure in 30 seconds in Ikoniq lamp. 24 full colours listed below 2 x base (1...
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    Where to sell professional gel polish?

    Thanks so much
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    Where to sell professional gel polish?

    Hi, Please can anyone let me know where is a good place to sell pro gel polish. I have insta but am not on Facebook, I was wondering if there are any sites specifically for selling nearly new pro gel polish. I will sign up to Facebook if it is the only option. Many thanks
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    Lifting at sidewalls

    Thanks Trinity, unfortunately they said they are not doing face to face training for some time. I only ever do 1-2 finger at a time with the gel depending on how runny the gel is. I flash cure that finger whilst doing the finger on the other hand so constantly switching between the 2. I have...
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    Lifting at sidewalls

    Thanks Trinity, I do actually remove quite a lot before rebuilding the nail on an infill. I basically file the nail flat again with a thinish layer and rebuild from there. Unfortunately for the hard gel I use soaking off for a fresh set is not an option. I did do 1-2-1 training when qualifying...
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    Lifting at sidewalls

    Thanks so much Trinity, yes that is going to be a struggle!!! Yes that makes perfect sense, I will be more aware about where I taper from now. I will pay extra attention to sidewall prep but I really think it is more of a case of not enough gel or too much filing on the side as you say making it...
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    Lifting at sidewalls

    Please can I get some advice, I’m still a newbie and seem to get lifting in the same place and I’m not sure why! So I feel like I’m extra through with prep, I do sidewalls as well as cuticles and make sure I get out all dust etc. I use a cuticle pusher, flat end tool and a efile. The lifting...
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    2/3 week infills

    Yes you can infill acrylic with gel, should not cause any issues.
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    Dodgy enquiries for massage

    My masseuse was originally sought out by my partner and she stated that she would only see him if I came with him and sat in her lounge for the first appointment which I thought was very fair. Is this not sexual harassment, can you not pass their numbers onto the police who maybe could call...
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    Ikon IQ

    Try this link
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    Letter from ICO data protection This link may be useful, it says that most salons and barbershops don’t need to pay
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    SGS approved manufacturers

    Does anyone know what this exactly means, is this an accolade to products made using the approved manufacturers. Or is this a baffling bull terminology.? I am looking at a certain product which claims to be HEMA, Di-Hema trimethylhexyl Dicarbamate, isobornyl methacrylate, isobornyl acralate...
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    First sets, how long does it or did it take you?

    Thank you, yes that’s a good idea. I know the most time consuming part for me is the removing/debulking. It takes me forever and then if there is any lifting that adds on loads more time because I’m trying so hard to be careful and only file before the lifting, go slow so I don’t hit the natural...
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    Letter from ICO data protection

    I just went through the questionnaire and correct me if I’m wrong but it if you keep personal information as long as it’s purely for invoicing/records/advertising to clients then you are exempt. That was my understanding, hope that’s right.
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    First sets, how long does it or did it take you?

    Thank you, yes I did do tip training but I just like sculpting, I guess I like to make life more difficult lol!! I will keep practising! Hopefully one day things will just click x