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    E-file recommendations

    Hi there I'm booked on to do a efile course and the efile I wanted is out of stock Can you recommend a good quality one that doesn't cost the earth in have no idea about makes and models xx
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    Gel Bottle inc?

    I have registered with the gel bottle website but having trouble when I come to the check out regarding the pay pal does anyone know of I can pay over the phone xx
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    Millenium UV top coat

    Hi there I know this is a old thread but I was hoping my replay would will pop up. I recently bought the millennium chrome kit from the whosalers. I'm confused at what stage do you use the strengthener gel? Xx
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    Pure Nails halo gel polish

    I currently use cnd shellac but I'm need g a non wipe top coat would you recommend the halo non wipe top coat. Is it hard wearing I'm needing it for my chrome nails. Thankyou x
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    Pure Nails halo gel polish

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    Any way to save/strengthen my nails?

    I just got the mirror chrome kit from Dennis Williams I'm confused is the nail strengthener In the kit used as the base coat. Any help would be much appreciated xxx
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    Chrome and holographic powders?

    Hi there has anyone used the millennium nails chrome kit from Dennis Williams what's the reviews of the millennium top coat please
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    Pearl powder on Shellac, help

    Hi there has anyone used the base and top coat for the millennium chrome nails please. I have the chrome powder but not sure if to use my cnd no wipe top coat or to buy the millennium chrome top coat and is it hard wearing. Xxx
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    Lash lift nourishing lotion

    Thank you xx
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    Lash lift nourishing lotion

    Yes thats what I do also scruabub i was just wondering if my clients should carry I using the nourish oil daily or maybe twice a week to maintain the good condition of the lashes. Xx
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    Lash lift nourishing lotion

    I also give my clients the nourish lotion to carry on using. How often should they been applying the nourish lotion I don't want it to affect the lift? Thankyou Any feedback would be much appreciated xx
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    Lash lift procedure question

    Thanktoy I will try removing the perm lotion and see how i get on I have left it on in the past and its worked lovely. I'm hoping on my client it works when I remove as much as I can. Xx
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    Lash lift procedure question

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    Lash lift procedure question

    Hi there I'm currently using the salon system lash lift products. I have the same query as above do i remove the perm lotion before applying the fixing lotion as stated on the instructions? Or remove the perm lotion with a dry cotto bud then apply the fix lotion. Xx