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  • Sorry guys have been on holiday so first time back on line. Transfers I got from local wholesaler, Professional choice but you can get them pretty much anywhere. For Infills I just use 180 grit, carefully, and a sanding block. I take away any lifting but dont usually get much, file off the white if doing a french re-balance and then go over whole nail with a sanding block. Remove debris from the nail and then once I am satisfied start my nno with clear and carry on as usual.
    Your nails are so pretty.. where do you get those transfers from, I have a client who would love them. xx
    Ooh thats wonderful, thanks for that bit of advice. I've got a French to do today and as usual dreading it, but I will definately do that.
    Do you do infils with Bio, I've read a few people do, I remove and then replace, but if its easier to do one infil and remove the next time, I may start doing that. I like ADiva1 have no idea which files to use. I do love doing Bio, I've re-booked myself on to the sculpting course as I'm not too good at that so thought I'd have another look and try them, as I'm starting to get a few calls for extensions. Its so exciting!!!! xxx
    Hey hun, no Lyndsay hasnt managed to chat to me as yet about Bio infills. Can you please send me a pm about how to, which files etc? Thanks. XX
    Hi Charlotte,

    thank you for your advice this is really helpful to me. I think like you say though that with practice the more I do the more confident & quicker i will get - I hope!!

    Take care & thanks again

    Gem x
    can you let me have your email address, and phone number and i'll pass your details on to the biosculpture client, are you mobile?
    Hi Jenny thanks for recommending me. I did Kats nails on Friday night. They were a bit of a challenge because she had cut them right down so the form fitting was a bit difficult (why do people do that??). Anyway most of them looked great and she was happy hope she gets on alright with them. Dont forget to give me a call if you want to practice your FE gel, I'm only up the road and it would be nice for me too.
    charlotte x
    Hi Charlotte. I have just referred a lady to you ( I'm sorry i didn't get her name but i think it MAY be Kat ?), anyway she wanted to book with me for Gel Extensions, specifically Bio and i had to turn her away for a couple of reasons, the main being that as i'm new to this although i'm good with the gel application i am not confident enough with tips yet, and secondly because i am told that Bio is not got great with tips i think this lady's nails are usually her pride and joy and i'd be devistated if i didn't get it perfect for her !!!!!

    She said she normally has really long nails but 3 broke so she cut them all and wants her long nails back !she also said she would tell you that i recommended you.

    She sounds really nice, and i told her you were too so i would expect a call from her.

    I will get round to practicing on you soon !!

    Hi Jenny yes I do remember you. Yep I would be happy for you to work on me. Give me a call on 01933 224123 and we can arrange a time although I am quite busy at the mo re evenings but i'm sure we can manage something.
    Charlotte x
    Hi Charlotte, dunno if you'll remember me but you did my nails (FE Gel Sculpts) about 6 weeks ago (?). I told you I had just started my training with Bio and you gave me lots of helpful tips and advice.
    Wanted to say i was really pleased with the nails and Thank you. I've been meaning to call you actually as you said i could practice on you sometime, but i have my assesment on Monday 30th (aaagh !) so i've left it a bit late really, i have been practicing though. Perhaps i could have a go on you soon and you can give me your opinion of my work from an experienced Tech/s viewpoint ?
    Anyway I'll prob give you a call in the next few weeks if thats ok ?

    thanks for the compliment..gone all gooey now ;0))
    have you tried it out as yet?? all working now??..let me know if you have any other problems
    No I only got it yesterday and was working last night and tonight so it will probably be weekend before I have a play. I did read the article in scratch again though and it did say that it could be used in 3 ways to make the strongest enhancements?? We'll have to wait for some-one to go on the workshop because my educator was not very forthcoming. Gee you have to pay for everything in this life!! x
    Just click the groups under my profile tab. Then click into the Bio group and then click on join this group.
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