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  • If ever you need to convert in natural nails in manicures and pedicures i recommend cnd...i did...the products and treatments speak for themselves and the people at S2 are really passionate...i learnt so much more in one day than 2 years at college!...good luck...i see you are in Blackpool,my father in law goes every year and in fact he is there now for one month...yes one month can you go figure...LOL...cheers Gabi xx
    hi sweetie
    hows everything going with the nails i hope its going
    great are you still very busy if i was over there i want you
    to do my nails
    hi everything here is great
    glad to hear everything is going good for you
    and good luck with the tanning sounds like you a very busy boy
    i hope all is going way cool with your nails
    are you still very busy
    Hiya, um we jus offer them as a temp enhancement, when potential clients ask about our enhancements, we just say we do a temp service designed to last for 2 weeks, perfect for a one off occassion/holiday etc, and then explain about our 'proper' enhancements. We do have a price difference, we offer our Tips&Resin for £38 and L&P, Gel, F.Glass, Silk for £55-60.

    :) xxxxxxx
    your welcome
    i am glad to hear all is going good you very busy thats good
    6 day 9~5 is alot for one person maybe you should get a pt tech
    dont run yourself in you do need time for you
    all is great here things are cool
    hi and how are you i hope all is going good
    hope things are good with your nails too
    hi cutie
    all good here the inn i work at busy 2 day but i dont
    care its on the beach it was beautiful there 2 day
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