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    Work out how much your hourly rate. The Dulcia Tonica perms are only around a fiver and they are a really good product, they never fall...
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    chattichic reacted to Kjb's post in the thread Pre pig help with Like Like.
    I am a qualified hairdresser, never been the most confident in colours and recently changed to using wella as I prefer there products...
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    chattichic replied to the thread Bleach advice.
    That's great thanks. I am signed up to an online academy at the moment but they don't always cover specific thoughts that crop up in...
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    chattichic posted the thread Bleach advice in Hair.
    Looking for some advice with foils I have not been fully back in hair for about 8 years and been really trying to re-educate myself...
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    No you buy your own colours. When you go to a cut n blow you coul incorporate the two or I used to have a lady come to do mine and she'd...
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    chattichic posted the thread Favourite lightener? in Hair.
    Hi, what's everyone's favourite bleach? Do you prefer regular or a clay lightener?