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    How much do you charge for an elderly lady’s perm?

    Work out how much your hourly rate. The Dulcia Tonica perms are only around a fiver and they are a really good product, they never fall out and leave the hair in really good condition. It's Single perm and neutraliser in one box. I charge about £50 that safely gives me about £20 pH.
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    Bleach advice

    That's great thanks. I am signed up to an online academy at the moment but they don't always cover specific thoughts that crop up in your mind My daughter is prob about a 7 I have used 10 vol in the past. As regards the foils, I toying with whether to use meches so that I can keep an eye on it...
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    Bleach advice

    Looking for some advice with foils I have not been fully back in hair for about 8 years and been really trying to re-educate myself throughout lockdown. So I am from the era of cap highlights with bleach and 60 vol. I want to transition to foils but am scared stiff of bleach I am worried...
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    Newly qualified level 6 stylist

    No you buy your own colours. When you go to a cut n blow you coul incorporate the two or I used to have a lady come to do mine and she'd send a test through the post.
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    Favourite lightener?

    Hi, what's everyone's favourite bleach? Do you prefer regular or a clay lightener?
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    Pink semi permanents?

    Thanks, will try 4% next time. That did cross my mind.... My daughter was fuming,vdaid it was all my fault
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    Pink semi permanents?

    Hi, she's naturally about a 7 and she already had the high lift tint on and she lifts really well. It's just something we thought we'd try during lockdown. It seems like others have had similar problems.
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    Pink semi permanents?

    Thanks, 12/81.
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    Pink semi permanents?

    It wasn't actually a base 10, I was just saying that it can be used on that base i.e it doesn't need to be bleached.
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    Pink semi permanents?

    Thanks for your reply. X
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    Pink semi permanents?

    Hi, just done my daughter's hairI have and used wella instamatic Pink dream and am really disappointed. You're supposed to be able to use it on a base 10. From other people's posts it seems that they were disappointed too.... Can anyone recommend a pastel pink please? Thanks
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    Mobile waxing - no car

    Hi, I have trained quite a while ago and it is very tough to I set up so that you can get enough clients But if you do decide to go ahead, how will you carry all your equipment such as your heaters and couch, couch roll etc? Thanks
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    Eyelash extensions?

    Thanks for your replies.x
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    Eyelash extensions?

    Hello everyone, thinking of doing a semi permanent eyelash course.... Could anyone please advise the initial setup costs? Thanks in advance.
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    Charging for bum cheeks?

    Hi I have a lady that wants high bikini and bum cheeks. What do you ladies charge for this. Thanks