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  • Hiya, you will love express lashes hun and much nicer than the cluster lashes. Individual mink lashes on strips but with no isolating. Clients get 2 weeks out of them with complete removal at 2 weeks. Hope you enjoy the course.
    hi, iv been away on holiday and iv just seen your message! Really pleased that your getting on well with the tan :D ! let me no if you need anything! x
    Hi, Yes i do have some samples of the OMG Tan Solutions i can send for you to try. Send me your address and i will get them out for you. x
    let me know if you deside to go ahead and order your glam lash kit. think i've got a 10% disscount code for there website xx
    Hi there, just to let you know I really enjoyed the threading course. I see Cath has already posted about it. You can use ILA funding for the courses at SBS, so if you qualify for ILA the course won't cost you anything, they provide you with your thread and lotion for after, so you only need to buy a couple of other bits to get up and running......about a tenner and you're away......any questions just msg me. xx
    Yes it was the one in hillington. The actually have a girl come to them to train and it is very informative. You get given information and go through it in the morning then in the afternoon you practice on each other after that your model come in and you do facial threading on them The leacturer is really good, watches over you to make sure your doing it right, gives hints and tip on how your doing.
    Hi - just seen your messages thanks. This is the one I have been wondering whether to get or not. Thanks for your help!

    Welcome to the site, thanks for your compliment, initially college VCT, then NSI & CND the fancy nail art is just a hobby generally clients dont go for it. xx
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