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  • Hi, I was wondering whether you went on this MAC course. Was it good? I'm considering it as well. Thanks
    hey hun! how did you trade test go today? what kinda things did ya have to do? hope ya got the job :) xxxx
    Hi there, I get my lashes imported in from overseas.
    This client had beautifully curling lashes anyway so look more lifted xx
    Ah thanks xx. No i used 8mm as the shortest and 15mm as the longest. So for example, from nose end, 8mm - 10mm- 12mm- 13mm - 14mm- 15mm - 13mm
    does that make sense lol
    Hi there, thanks for my lash picture comment. The lash lengths went from 8mm to 15mm, a mixture of .15 and .20 xxx
    I think i have no patience for lashes and as it is not my day job i cannot spend that much time and effort into perfecting, its a pity, but i do love tanning- i do tans, mani/pedi and make-up now, along with Ardell lashes xxx
    hey hun , how are you, hows the lashes going, i gave them up as a bad job, see my blog, but good news i am the business development manager and trainer for PURI-TAN for DEVON , CORNWALL & SOMERSET x
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