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  • Michelle you may want to check citizerns advice too... just to be on the safe side :hug:... go get um!
    Michelle, I think you are spot on with your thoughts onthis Chamber of Commerce business. How dare they charge for something they are ill equipt at supplying! Jobs-worth the lot... stick to your guns!!!
    OK Michelle, no problem. You can send me a cheque when you get the polishes as I won't know how much postage is until I get to the POffice tomorrow. The polishes were £3.40 each plus VAT so around £4 each if that is ok plus whatever the postage is. Do you want me to send them normal mail or recorded?
    Hi Chelle,

    I have looked at the salon and I have two bottles of Cashmere. Please let me know if you want one/both.

    No worries Honey, how are things going?

    I sure am going to the event, will you be going now?
    Good news about your hubby IYKWIM I know he has been diagnosed with something that will change his life, but it is much better news than the worst you had been thinking :hug: xxxx
    No sorry hun....not going to either the event or party. Too busy here with family and life !!! . Hope you have agreat time though and enjoy yourself xx
    I hope the results are good ones for you both. Please let me know how you are. :hug:
    Just read your blog huni....i am here if you need me and you have my e-mail address.....let me know if you need ANYTHING hun....:hug: :hug: xxxxxxxxxxxx
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