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  • chelle hunny .. now have you booked your ticket for the event in oct yet? ... be great to see u there xx
    I am really really luving it...i look forward to going !! . GOOD for you taking the most money you have ever taken. Our tattooing has had some quite weeks then its gone mad again....brill because we can have lots and lots of money!! . I am pleased for your business hun....you take care as i have to run hubby a bath,he has just finished a tattoo !! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    I was then going to turn the computer off,but i see a noty and see it was from you so HAD to reply !!... I am good thanks ,learndirect is going great ,i really do luv it !! . How are you ? hows your business?
    Great thread about the kids hun...got my teeth right in it !! :lol: xxxxxxxxxx
    Things are going great hun....i am really enjoying my learndirect....glad your going out ...i have not been out in ages so have a drink for me !!!!

    Still stopped smoking but piled on the pounds.....so i have strated biking !!!!....well you take care and dont work too hard xxxxxxxxxxx
    Hi hun....just thought i would see how things are with you ?????...things with me are good,i am now learning my numearacy level 2...!!!! xxx
    Can't mate I am working, finish in A&E 30th July after that weekends are free so will sort something out after this month for a night out x
    hiya, i am also from bradford but moved to the midlands over a year ago, we are the same age out of curiousity what upper school did you go to?

    liz xx
    Hi there,

    where can i get a copy of this habia manual?
    Hi chelle I am happy to be a guinea pig for you.
    Am based in Cottingley on the edge of Bingley and Saltaire, call me on 07971025716
    About 12 months ago I had my shoulder length jet black hair cut...lol..my daughter thought I was going to give her away in one of my goth outfits lol...51 and now I look NORMAL ..eek!!!!!
    Phew - suits me really. I'll be back and functioning July 1st - off to Florida - don't forget not Wednesdays xx
    I did have to laugh at your blog hun - PMT don't ya just love it (NOT!!) My hubby actually sets his clock by my mood swings haha - roll on the menapause lol xxx
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