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  • Out of interest whose that on your Avatar? Looks like Trent Reznor but also looks a bit like Alec Empire!! x
    Thanks for what you wrote on my blog huni....its all true and correct.....made me feel better to know i did do the right thing xxxxxxxxxxxx :hug:
    Hi hun...yes i have the top dragon...before and after with mark under it on my hip......i also have a koi (fish) on my hip think its in the middle on the pages......and one om my foot......i do have 1 on my shoulder which is not finished and 1 on my wrist.......thanks for your message hun.....hope your doing ok on this snowy easter monday ! xxx
    Thanks for your support on my blog hun.
    Neighbour is out to get me moved because I made a complaint about his music, what a pain in the butt!!lol
    Thing is I won't be able to quit my job I will have to do my full time shift job alongside trying to get my mobile business up and running! We just don't have the option for me to even go part time in my current job - can't afford it so I'll be as stressed if not more probably!
    Found them on youtube ...they were just there and had to share with EVERYONE !!!!...feel free to pm me anytime about a tat huni......i am always here :lol:.!!!!...xxxxxxxxx
    Cant give you rep for the toenail comments hun...i have to spead it more...!!!!!..well said huni :hug: xxxxx
    Just want to give you a cyber hug hunnie, feeling fragile today and your post on my blog just made me smile - you ooze strength sweetie x
    Just read what you put on my blog hun....brought tears to my eyes ...:hug:.....thanks for your kind words ,it was spot on .....xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    That would be good to meet up hun.......enjoy your busy day ....so pleased for you xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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