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  • Horrendous shifts still on - was on a 14 hour one yesterday and am again today!

    Yes I cannot wait for my course to start though dead nervous too.
    Well dame said what you put in your blog.....your that person who is not false....dont stop postig...i enjoy reading your posts/threads cos your not affraid to say how it is xx
    I adore early Treant ie Pretty Hate Machine album Trent, but March of the Pugs album Trent is still yummy - plus its my fav NIN album.
    Lucky you, dancing the night away - hoping NIN were played a lot :)

    Bit of a bland weekend for me but caught up on feeling tired from work so thats good - back to work today though!

    Looking forward to starting my course and to meeting you finally x
    Nope work is the same hell but trying to get out so thats something!

    Waiting on funds to clear with the bank at the mo so I can book with CND! Frustrating as course I have booked days off work for at the end of this month only has 3 slots left - aaaarrggggggg - banks are quick enough to take your money but bloody slow to give it to you!
    Thanks for what you wrote on my blog.....its just not worth me doing it so cheap....thanks again though hun :hug: xxxxxx
    Martyn was alseep & didn't stir, I jumped up like lightening, still really buzzing about it
    WOW Chelle...they look great for 8 weeks!!!
    That is a big congratulations for you and your client....
    I did my own nails and 2 days on I have nearly nibbled one off..:mad:
    Thanks for posting...and well done :hug:
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