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  • Hey chick, how the devil are ya! Recovered from the show??
    im off to do the Cry Baby Tuesday, Ill let you know how I find application etc xx
    hi there i am looking for a nail trainer and seen your message. how much would you be selling it for. xxxx
    Thanks Claire, All going good thanks. Mega busy too. I've passed your number out too. But i'll leave it to you if you can fit them in or not. But keep referrals coming as hubby out of job so working all hours god sends at moment. xx
    Hey hows it going.... Iv been giving your number out left right and center.... tell me if i need to stop... lol.. Im just so busy and have so much going on its been a nightmare... but Iv stopped taking on regular clients for a bit so I can concentrate on the ones I have so my diary should straighten out a little soon.... I hope.... Anyways hope you keeping busy... Claire x
    Thank you so much - thats fab. Quick question am I able to link this in my website? If so how do I do It? I'm not good with computers anymore.
    The Express Lash training is from AH Francis and yes it is important for you to do the training as the method used is different to normal individuals. xx
    You do a great job, I have recently trained with Flirties and love doing lashes, is the express lash application with a certain company? Do you know if I would have to do specific training? Thanks xx
    Your lashes look lovely, do you do them on yourself? If so how on earth do you manage to isolate & place without injury lol. x
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