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  • Hi Sarah! Happy new year to you too!!!!! Hope your good hun, Spain great thanks! took hubby 4 1/2 months to get a job!!! But all good now! how about you? wana give Spain a try? x
    Hello Hun!! Good to hear from you! yes been living here 2 weeks now, today I went to a hair & beauty salon and have decided to work there and rent the room 3 days a week, 25 euros a day, not bad! So quite pleased about that!, no work for jay yet though, lots of companies shut for August here, so maybe more luck in Sept.
    Theres not as many nail tech/beauty Therapist here as UK is there!! Hope your enjoying your new job!!
    talk soon xxx
    Hey huni! Got back from spain at the weekend! Got loads organized for the move, inc my daughters school! im soo pleased, she starts in september. we go for good on 13th july.... cant wait.... soooo excited! How about you, anything happened with you & bf and jobs for spain since last spoke? still wana go? xxxxxx:hug:
    your welcome all is cool here it a beautiful night
    i dyeing my hair red
    Poor you comming back to boring ole UK.

    Anyway here's a happy sunday noty for you.

    Trish xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
    HELLO!!!!! Awwwww hunny, what a shame bout job for him, did you love it though? want to live there? I am lucky that, to start with, I have my parents house to stay in for free.we wouldn't be able to go otherwise either! hope something works out for you, dont give up though xxxxx
    well?????.............................. How did it go?? Im dying to know!!!!! Im sure you did great! let me know ASAP!! xxxxxxx :hug:
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