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  • Just noticed you have become the Shellac Ambassador for the area Congratulations!! Know where to come if I have a problem..........all fine at the moments though.x
    Hi Kayleigh I do it one to one at people's homes! Saw you are the Shellac ambassador now that's great! I may have to pick your brains I am still not happy with mine! xx
    We are so close to the nails when we are doing them that we don't see how they really look. The other thing to remember is that all the photos in Scratch and ads are digitally enhanced so are not 'real' nails! xx
    Sorry I can't remember what I repped you for... I'm sure it was well deserved though!! :lol:
    I just wanted to stop by and say thank you for the picture comments :hug:.
    You minxing skills are to die for!!!
    I know what you mean about wanting the Nfu-Oh holo polish! I saw it on a nail blog and just fell in love:Love:.
    I got #61 from an online shop, here's the link:Viis Ilusalong It took just 5 days to arrive so good for them (I'm in Italy) but they are sold out again now :sad:.
    There are a few other sites in Europe that sell Nfu-Oh #61 is almost always sold out though... They do another 5 holographic colors and they are just as beautiful and easier to get.

    I got #62 (champagne), #63 (pink) and #65 (light blue) from this site, here's the link: Merken: Nfu Oh: Nfu Oh Nagellak » - groothandel nagelproducten
    Oh, they have 61 in stock! The site is in dutch just send them an email with your order and they will proses it or you (that's what I did).
    Thanks hun, she just bugged me, I read Gigi's comment to her thread and thought it was quiet mild, and Amazon are as bad as ebay, you can buy anything on there, so saying it's not a gray seller was a really stupid comment. I'd have called her a stupid tart, but being american I wasn't sure she'd understand me lol
    Thanks for the rep :D I get really peturbed with people doing any quality service so cheaply or the hobby types grrrrr lol xx
    And you will hunni, you will.
    And thank you. Gobsmacked and stunned were the words that I used I think. Couldn't believe it, even when I saw my name up there it still didnt sink in. Lol. Just keep doing what you are doing and remember that your new "family" is here for you no matter what. xxxx
    hi hun if you fancy doing a link swap send me your logo /business card and i'll add you to my site My Time Beauty thanks x
    Thanks for the pic comment hun. They are Harmony Fusion L&P and the glitter is from a crafty type shop called 'The Range' there are pots and they all screw together.... reminds me of a lip gloss things i used to buy when i was young!!! xxxxxx
    will do drive then instead of the train! ermm just about 20-30mins! in just in york not that far away!! inoo!! i cant wait for the next one :) x
    Hahaha i just looked back and was like im sure that wasnt there before! hahaa will it take you long to travel to leeds? x
    Just want to say Congratulations on having your baby AND for getting through to Bootcamp... I'll see you there xxx
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