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  • Hiya :) the bullion bead thing on my pic are from 'Nail Delights' i think. Link below for you xxxxxx
    Nail Art Charms, Dangles and beads
    If i'm ever that way, i promise to pop in for nails and a natter :) Hope you have a good christmas too and take care of that bump xxxxx
    Hiya! Thanks for your pic comment. They were a bit of a random mix of things i had.... some Young Nails giltter dust, some sliced glitter and some little silver circle glitter that i think came from NFU.oh, all thrown into some clear powder. Used black powder to make a more defined smile line and then my glitter mix xxxxxxx
    oooh fantastic! Glad it went well. Lack of alcohol is one of the many issues with pregnancy, especially this time of year. Although i found not being able to put my socks on without getting out of breath the most annoying!! :) xxxx
    Hi chick, its been a very uppy downy time lol I will get back into posting soon !!! Many thanks for asking, hope all is well with you xxxxx
    Yes I know what u mean I dread doing french but everyone seems 2 want french. I try telling them put a bit of colour into your life lol. I love the colours & have tropix on for 19 days now but its over l & p. I know that I should cut them down short & try shellac over my own natural nails but I have been a nail biter for years so am loving them long. Think I will do them later & use the fedora with tutti fruiti, it makes a purple colour so cant wait to try that one. I dont do many people at the moment as I dont advertise so its only friends & with the school holidays that suits me so im earning a llittle but not that busy as its not fair on my kids. I still havent finished my nail room yet either, my aim is to get it ready for sept then advertise & hopefully get more busy. I also find frosted colours a pain, I dont really like doing the iced cappucino, it goes streaky but maybe with time & practice I will get better. Im just saving up for the last 3 colours that I need now & waiting for the new lamp as I dont want to spend money on new bulbs really as I want to buy the new lamp so saving my money for that. Hopefully the lamps will come in soon. Anyway, keep in touch. Abi
    Hi Hun
    How are you getting on with shellac now. Im having a few problems and feel like banging my head against a wall. I have done 3 french shellac using dashing diva and they have all lifted after about a week at the corners. Have you used the dd with shellac and how are you finding it. How are you finding the colour as well. I only tried the cream puff once and found that this chipped but maybe im doing the whites too thick. Anyway, let me know how you are getting on. Thanks. Abi
    No worries I like to make friends with people locally, it always helps to have contacts!! I'm in Stanford le Hope, what about yourself? :)
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